7 Mar. 2011

Life is Bedlam...

or so it seems at the moment!
The kids have been back at school now for over a month.
I have begun my University adventure (or is it a nightmare??? LOL)
And there are Wedding plans in the making...
Yes, you heard right...
Wedding Plans :O)
Come July I will wed the wonderful Man that God has brought into my life!
So life just seems to be getting busier and busier.
And I have much to smile about, and to thank God for!
Yesterday, though, I had to pull the stops on all that busy-ness and spend time with God, my lads and my man.
I had seemed to become so wound up from all the stuff that I was near snapping.
So we all went to church, where God spoke to me some well needed words, had hot chips for lunch, Dave (my man) took the lads out for an hour and a half while I played some mindless FB games, then we all went down the beach for a stroll and some fresh sea air!
It was Good, the day was just what the doc ordered!
And as I think of a fellow blogger lady's post on Mary and Martha, I am reminded I also need to get back to having a Mary's heart, even amongst all the Martha-ness of life.
 Andie's Post on Mary & Martha
Thanks Andie for the reminder!