4 Dec. 2011

2011 - the year of my absence.... some joy to tell

Hello all, at last :o)
What a whirlwind of a year it has been!!!
I have been totally neglectful of both my blogs and haven't set eyes on them since March.
There have been some major events that have occurred in 2011 and there are more to come in 2012...
The year began with volunteering at a local drug and alcohol rehabilitation property, with the anticipation of beginning a university course.
Instead my world got turned upside down and inside out... for the better!
Yes I started my Uni course, completing the first semester with a GPA of 6.5 which was more than I could have dreamed of (the top GPA is 7.0).  But life had changed dramatically since I had originally applied to university...
On July 9th this year I got married!
Yes, I married a man that I call "My Amazing Dave".  I had met Dave briefly at church at the end of last year, when he gave his testimony to the congregation, as he was new to Christ and Christ had indeed made him new!   However I didn't get to really know Dave until we both began the voluntary work at the rehab.  The turn of the new year brought the beginnings of a wonderful friendship and soon after a relationship.  We decided that we wanted to marry.  Dave had began to really love my 3 lads and my lads had certainly began to enjoy having Dave around.
I remember in the beginnings of our friendship, Dave saying to me - "I am so glad your boys like me, as I would've been devastated  if they didn't!"
Today we are Family.  I have never been happier, the boys are happy and love Dave greatly, and Dave has stepped into his new roles of Husband and Dad amazingly well!  See I told you he is my Amazing Dave! :O)
But the list of major events doesn't end there...
God has also blessed our family, with a Baby on the way.  Yes we are blessed with a good ole fashioned Honeymoon baby :O).
So with a new hubby, and marriage, and a baby on the way... I made the tough but right decision to withdraw from University.  My priorities had changed since I had applied there, and ultimately my family had to come first!
Tomorrow is an exciting day... we all go as a family to meet the baby... or rather to see the baby on the ultrasound monitor.  Tomorrow marks 19weeks of pregnancy.  Only another 21 weeks until we get to meet Baby in person!
Any way, I thought I would fill you in on some of our happenings in my absence from here.
I hope your year has been blessed and that you have known God's presence beside you as you have walked the journey of 2011.
'Til we meet again on here (which will be soon I promise),
God's blessings be with you and all of yours

7 Mar. 2011

Life is Bedlam...

or so it seems at the moment!
The kids have been back at school now for over a month.
I have begun my University adventure (or is it a nightmare??? LOL)
And there are Wedding plans in the making...
Yes, you heard right...
Wedding Plans :O)
Come July I will wed the wonderful Man that God has brought into my life!
So life just seems to be getting busier and busier.
And I have much to smile about, and to thank God for!
Yesterday, though, I had to pull the stops on all that busy-ness and spend time with God, my lads and my man.
I had seemed to become so wound up from all the stuff that I was near snapping.
So we all went to church, where God spoke to me some well needed words, had hot chips for lunch, Dave (my man) took the lads out for an hour and a half while I played some mindless FB games, then we all went down the beach for a stroll and some fresh sea air!
It was Good, the day was just what the doc ordered!
And as I think of a fellow blogger lady's post on Mary and Martha, I am reminded I also need to get back to having a Mary's heart, even amongst all the Martha-ness of life.
 Andie's Post on Mary & Martha
Thanks Andie for the reminder!

21 Feb. 2011

Please Pray

Please pray for the daughter of my dearest friend.
She has run away from home, her family and her Lord.
She is only 13.
Please also pray for her family.
And Blessings to you for your prayers.

Onward and Closer and Nearer Still...

Life is ever changing...
always moving forward...
leaving yesterday
and all of yesterday's yesterdays
everyday is unique
every moment
a breath
not taken before
a heart beat
come and gone
and replaced by another
in the blink of an eye
ever changing
ever moving forward
but not a moment closer to the future
and never quite catching up
with tomorrow
but closer
closer still
'til my Saviour's return
nearer to
the moment
I see my Lord
Face to Face

19 Jan. 2011

Alive and Well and A Very Happy Chicky!

Hi Guys, just dropping by and saying helloooo...
I havnt been online for a bit, as have been rather busy around the traps.
Been putting a lot of time in at Living Water, helping it get up and running.
The boys have enjoyed the freedom of  seven acres of land and bush to run around in out there.
The Lord has also brought a wonderful Man into my life, our lives, and life is just wonderful with my Lord, my Man and my Lads.
I promise I will return more after the school holidays have ended, and life returns to some semblance of normality, but with my first experience of University looming as well, life will indeed be busy.
I hope you are all well, and are all walking strong and steady with the Lord.
My blessings to you all, and I pray God's blessings upon you all as well.
Love, your sister in Christ