31 Oct. 2010

Home Made Aussie Fare... Damper Cheese and Vegemite Scrolls

How unusual!  My boys proclaimed that they were starving, on the way home from church this morning, and proceeded to ask for a variety of takeaway or shop bought wares.  I said that I wasn't buying anything for lunch, that we had plenty of food at home.
Then Rob declared that he really felt like some nice warm Cheesy-Mite Scrolls (from Baker's Delight).
No was the answer, but I said we can make our own.
So that is what we did.
Rob was chief cook, and I was the instructor, but really we all had a little hand in lunch production.
I found a scone and a damper recipe.  Rob chose the damper recipe.
Rob added "rubbing in butter" to his slowly growing culinary skills.  He did the main work, I just kneaded the dough, Sean grated the cheese, and Zac brushed the tops of the oven ready scrolls.

Here is the Damper recipe we used:

3cups of Self Raising Flour
90grams butter
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water

Sift flour and salt, rub in butter until resembles fine breadcrumbs, make a well in centre, pour in water/milk mix, mix with a knife until forms a ball.  Lay on lightly floured surface and knead gently.  Form into a round on lined tray and score round into 4-8 segments.  Bake in hot oven 10mins, until brown on top, turn down oven to moderate temperature and cook further 15 mins, until cooked through.

This is what we did:
1 cup Wholegrain Pl Flour, 2 Cups White Pl Flour
6 tsp baking powder (according to directions on packet)
1 1/2 tsp salt (will reduce in next cooking as these were salty)
90grams butter
200g container of natural yoghurt, in a jug and topped up to just over 1 cup measure with water, and mixed well together.
We mixed this all together as above instructions.  Then flattened it out in a rectangle, spread with a little margarine, plenty of Vegemite and topped with about 2/3 cup of grated cheddar cheese.
Then we rolled it all up carefully into a log and carefully cut scrolls out of it.
Laying each piece on the tray, we brushed with a little milk/water mix that was left in the jug.
Into the oven on High for ten minutes, then dropped the temperature down for another 8 minutes.

 Then Yum-yum, straight out of the oven, onto plates, and into our bellies!
The boys thought they were great, and are taking the left overs to school for lunch tomorrow.

Here is the budding Chef:

Come Visit Courtney and her great 

29 Oct. 2010

before school activities...

No TV before school, so when the sun is out, my boys cant wait until after school, they have to go outside NOW!

Sean just loves to 'scoot'

Rob chilling with 'the diary of a wimpy kid'
while Zac has a breather for a minute

even Buddy wants to play
his favourite game of 'tug'

28 Oct. 2010

ohh I forgot....

I forgot to share today's biggest blessing...
A friend has invited Rob to join her sons at the Scripture Union camp at Mt Barker in January, and offered to pay for his fees!  She told me about it the other day, and I thought, and thought, and although it sounded great for Rob to go, I just couldnt afford it at this time.
Pride got in the way a bit tho... I am going to pay for half the camp.
I told another friend of the blessing, and she told me off - she told me I need to learn to receive... I know she is right too! I love giving, but really struggle with the 'getting' part! Anyone else have that problem??
But anyway, aside from all that, Rob gets to go to camp!
My friend said her eldest son went this year and was hugely blessed.
The plan is, Rob with travel with them all up there, go to the camp with my friend's two sons, and then will travel back with them again.  It goes from Tues until Saturday.
Oh I will miss my darling, but it will be worth it for his benefit!
Thankyou once again for all your wonderful blessings Lord!

Look what we had for tea :O)

Thanks to Courtney and her post here:
we had a yummy tea tonight...
but I forgot to put the cream in!!
I realised when I logged on and double checked the recipe for the cooking temp... and went OOps!
nevermind... it still tasted great and we all as good as licked our plates clean
Thanks Courtney!

Nokia N8 coming my way...

Wow I have been totally blessed today... I just found out I won one of the brand new (not yet released here) Nokia N8 worth $750au
I have been in need of a new phone since I changed carriers, and the old one doesnt give me any coverage in the wide open spaces of aus land.  So a new phone has been on my wishful thinking list...
I dont normally enter comps, but saw this one with my new phone company and thought I'd enter, thinking Lord it would be nice to get a phone that works...
The comp was a photo comp, of things that make you happy, and I posted a pic of my lads posing hard at work in the backyard. What else apart from God (who would overload any camera lens) makes me happier than my lads!
So now I await my prize. Yes, I know, patience is a virtue!
Thankyou once again Jesus for your blessings and provisions!

Oh yeah, here is the simple but cool photo I entered...

27 Oct. 2010

CHATS WITH AN "OLD LADY": Have You Ever Wondered If God Can Use YOU?

CHATS WITH AN "OLD LADY": Have You Ever Wondered If God Can Use YOU?

Pretty Things

I have begun a new blog, in addition to this one. It is called Pretty Things, and is a photo blog.
Please visit as I start on an amateur photographic journey of capturing the "Pretty" and interesting things I see around me.

26 Oct. 2010

Aim Higher

Deuteronomy 6:5-9 (New King James Version)

5 You shall love the LORD your God
with all your heart,
with all your soul,
and with all your strength.
6 “And these words which I command you today
 shall be in your heart.
7 You shall teach them diligently to your children,
and shall talk of them when you sit in your house,
when you walk by the way,
when you lie down,
and when you rise up.
8 You shall bind them as a sign on your hand,
and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.
9 You shall write them on the doorposts of your house
 and on your gates.

I read this again, as I was reading this blog:
 Cultivated Lives
It hit home.
As did a conversation with a friend over coffee this morning.

I need to "be" with my boys, not just in their vicinity, I need to engage them, actively participate in their lives, not just do all the official mother things.

Something as simple as sitting at the table with them at meal times, talking with them, instead of yelling at them from a distance to "stop mucking around and eat your tea!".  I sat with them tonight, easily the first night in over a week.

Something as simple as watching them play their new made-up game "go-cricket" (it looks like a cross between baseball and cricket) out in the back yard, like I did tonight, and showing them how to hit a good baseball shot with a cricket bat, and then get badly run-out just in time for tea.

Dont get me wrong, I have been participating in their lives, just not as much as I could, and not in areas that I should.

So I am expecting some changes around here, starting with me.

I need to relearn how to do some things I unlearnt over my years of depression, where it was easier to do the minimum and then go hide in my cave.

I love my boys, and I love my Lord, and I want us to function better as a family, and I want to include God in our familylife more, instead of leaving him on the doorstep waiting.

Please pray that this wont be just another passing phase, but rather a lifelong commitment to becoming a better mother, and godly mentor. Any positive advice or encouragement is most welcome


The Lord Provides

Groceries on a budget today...
I went to good ole Woollies today for my fortnightly grocery jaunt, armed with a budget of $50 and a few special requests from the lads.  I had to tell the boys that I might not come home with the requests this week as we were running tight.
Going around the store with my shoestring list I battled to keep the tally in my head, rounding up was the go.
I was just about to head to checkout when I realised I had a couple of items I forgot to put on the list, a quick prayer of hope and I picked them up and headed to the checkout.
This is what filled my trolley...
4x loaves of bread (discounted) @ $1.35 each
Toilet paper 6pk @ $2.79
Corn Flakes @ $2.15
Muesli (Special Request) @ $2.89
2x Muesli bars 8pk (school snacks) @ $1.99 each
2x  Chicken Drumstick Biscuits (Special request) @ $1.24 each
Cheese & Dip snacks 12pk (school snacks) @ $3.99
Jasmine rice @ $2.21
Dried Shitake Mushrooms @ $2.39
HB "Sao" biscuits @ $1.10
Dozen Eggs @ $2.99
Parsley Bunch (discounted) @ $0.99
4x Sundowner Apples 1kg (discounted) @ $2.19 each
Celery half @ $1.59
Iceberg Lettuce @ $2.38
2x Grape Tomato pks (discounted) @ $2.28 each
Beetroot tinned @ $0.75
Kidney beans tinned @ $0.99

With a grand total at the checkout...

I actually did a little "whoop!" when I saw the tally.
Yay Praise God! I was saying inside!
Once again He has made the budget possible and I was able to get the little requests too!
With the discounted items I saved $16.41, woohoo!
Now the challenge is to not need to go to shops again before the fortnight ends.
I already have a pantry well stocked, and a couple of boxes of Uht milk, as well as meat in the freezer, so I believe we can make it :O)
... and there is always popcorn to cook for snacks... yum yum

Thankyou Lord for all your provisions!!

25 Oct. 2010


A Quote:
Attitudes are contagious.  Are yours worth catching? 
 ~Dennis and Wendy Mannering

unfortunately... not nearly often enough

apparently... or so I was led to believe...

it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile

I wonder if this, which  I was told as a child, is true???

...but really what I want to know is - which gives you the most wrinkles....

I seem to have as many from both

My Super Unspectacular Life: When I Have No Words.

Meet Mandy, like I met her today... She shares truths from her heart... Blessed

My Super Unspectacular Life: When I Have No Words.: "Sometimes you go through something that you can't articulate. There are no words. Maybe it's a hurt that feels impossible to heal. Maybe it'..."


Sean's Craftiness

Rob's Craftiness

My ad-lib craftiness

...Zac's is coming soon...

24 Oct. 2010

Sunny Sunday... Squirting Children With Hoses is fun!

Today began with a frantic last minute organising of my first Bright Sparks lesson (5-7yo Sunday School).  Thankfully I already had a theme and memory verse to work with.
We headed off to church (early for once!) and where we saw two young lads got baptised (YAY).  I told my boys a couple of people were getting baptised today and Rob said that he would like to get baptised too (Double Yay!) but not today, later.
The lesson went well today, with a lovely older lady as my back-up.  The memory verse was Psalm 139:14 I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  The kids made paper plate masks, drawing their faces and threading fancy wool through punched holes around the edge. I think it all went well, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and seemed to get the gist of the verse and it's meaning.
Back home again and yummy salad sangas for lunch, then we all went outside for some fun. Well the kids had fun, playing with water pistols, while I dug over a new garden bed so I could transfer some pea seedlings.
The real fun for me began when Sean and I started a water fight... him with his water pistol and me with the hose... I bet you can guess who won!!!
Im still slightly soggy now as I write... Sean, on the other hand had a complete wardrobe change :O)  but it was smiles all round.

23 Oct. 2010

A morning car ride, my Grampy, my boys and I

The boys and I went and picked up my grandfather today from the nursing home/hostel and took him on a 100k round trip so he could go to the bank.  It was a nice morning when the sun came out from the rain.  There were plenty of cyclists and roadkill to see :-)
He has only been in the home for 5 weeks now, and he went in voluntarily which was good.  Nan moved there 18 months ago, then got transferred to a high dependancy ward which is next door.
I can see that it is good that they are closer to each other now, and for mobility reasons it is much better as well.
Nan is blind, can barely walk and has dementia, but thankfully can still recognise voices. Grampy is showing some sign of dementia now, but suffers mainly from arthritis and can travel only twice the speed of a shuffle on a good day.
I am speechless to explain beyond just a soggy blanket of sadness and melancholy when I come away from seeing them.
Grampy talked away like he always does, and barely listens like he always does, but Nan was quiet today, almost like she wasn't there.  I fought for things to tell her, but then just stopped talking.  We didn't stay as long today as we usually do.
The boys seemed not fazed at all, like young boys do, and were happy to climb a big tree on the edge of the hospital grounds while I sat for a minute to clear my thoughts.
Tears well up now as I write.  I miss them so, as so special they always were and are and will be to me.
Im going now, before I cry.

22 Oct. 2010

It's Been A While...

Facebook has been my internet home for a while, but have become bored with its junky-ness, so I have been surfing the crafty blogosphere and have been inspired to return to my old friend Blogger.
So here I go again, it's good to be back :O)
So what has filled my days of absence?
Way too much to say and much not worth the telling.
Life is so full of the "everyday".
But it is good and we are blessed.
Spring is finally showing it's face around here, but with the usual Mount balmy-ness: you get sunburnt one day and the next its out with the beanies again.
Oh but the sunshine is warm and has put some life back into our winter weary selves.
The lads and I are buzzing with creativity at the moment.
Rob has accomplished his first ever Cross-Stitch.
Sean has learn to sew and has made some felty softies
Zac has discovered the world of Tom-boy-stitch (aka french knitting, spool knitting, corking, knitting nancy, blah blah bah)
- and my 'L' key is being temperamental at the moment causing me to be brutal to get it working :O( to mend multiple spelling errors...
And I have had a go at Loom Knitting, and, well, found it quite dull (needles are quicker and easier) so have put a half done project aside for some home-made kaz-version embroidery. Those of you who know me, know I rarely stick to patterns and mostly aLways (there's that 'L' again@*%) turn to inventing something from my muddled mixed up brain.
I will endeavour to post some pics of our family's efforts over the past few weeks, but it's late and I cant be bothered atm. :OP
I hope you are all well, and good, and appreciating the gift of life you have, however strange or crappy or dull it might be.
ps. feel free to click on the comment and say gudday, or read some of my out-of-date posts.  Leave a link to your blog and I will come for a visit :O)