15 Feb. 2010

The Journey of a Woman

This book has been a real blessing to me, borrowed off a friend it has been a wonderful surprise, and very timely.
It is book which is written as if the auther herself was sitting right with you speaking.  An easy book to get into.
I am just over half way through it at the moment, and my reading pace has slowed somewhat, as the Lord is speaking to me a lot through it, touching on issues I was not aware of in myself. Stirring up muck and mire, much to my horror.
But it is beautifully written, and obviously comes from Ja ne Hansen's heart, and has been Holy Spirit inspired.
God has me on my own journey at the moment, a journey of self discovery... like an onion he is peeling off layers of me, and showing me my heart.  I dont like what I am seeing, but I know that God is Good and Faithful, and He is doing a good work in me.
I praise Him.
I recomend this book to any woman, who has this nagging feeling that something is just not as it should be in herself.
It speaks much of "Finding Love and Purpose as a Daughter of God"

Here is a portion of the blurb....
"My journey to love has not been an easy one, but well worth every painful step of the way.  I am sage in the knowledge that I am loved and secure, that the Lord walks with my on my continuing journey." Jane Hansen