23 Dec. 2010

Yes, Christmas is different these days...

Actually, Christmas hasn't been "normal" since my parents split when I was 4.
And gradually the whole "family Christmas" has become more and more splintered over the years. With  many marriage breakdowns, and people moving constantly and interstate, as well as people passing away.
Christmas for me and my family is constantly changing.
These days I share my children with their dad and his new wife, taking in turns who has them on Christmas Eve and morning, and who has them for lunch and onwards.
They seem to cope, I suppose it is 'normal' for them.
But it is not the "traditional family time" that movies and songs speak of.

For many, Christmas is a non event.  Spent alone, eating sausages and sauce or sleeping on a mat in an alley.
Yes, Christmas is a time of celebration of Jesus' birth and family and friends.
But for Many, oh so many, it is a non-event, or worse, a day of tragedy, of mourning, of loss, of regrets, of sorrows.

Have you taken time to stop and think.
Have you taken time to breathe?
In the busyness, have you looked around you?
Is there someone hurting this Christmas?
Is there someone alone?
Is there someone in need?

Is there something you can do?
Is there someone you can help?
Is there someone you can bless?

Stop, Look, See, Think, Do

Sacrifice a moment of you time for someone else this Christmas.
Can you give of yourself for another?
Ask God to show you a need.
I don't think He will need you to look too far from home, maybe even only as far as on your doorstep, or even in your own home...

Be blessed this Christmas to be a Blessing!


  1. Hi Kaz, Merry Christmas! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my post at Laced With Grace. It's very nice to meet you. It made me think how you said that Christmas is constantly changing. So many times we want everything to stay the same but that in itself is impossible.

  2. so busy with our own lives,to put aside,and to stop look and do is what we all should do.lord give us the selflessness that we need to do this.

  3. Thanks Bernadine, welcome to my blog :O)

    Amen Brother Anonymous! ;o)

  4. Beautiful post Kaz. It is so true, sometimes the lonliest people are those in a crowd and sometimes they are the ones closest to us. Thanks for this gentle reminder. And, it seems to me that you are giving your children a most beautiful Christmas.

  5. Oh I hope so, God is stretching me this Christmas... and I hope the boys dont mind the stretching too. Three of us women are putting on a Christmas feast for a local Christ based rehab/retreat. Although not new for my Sisters, very new for me. Hospitality hasn't been my strong point :O( But it is a good way to take the focus of what "isn't" this Christmas, and focus on those who have less and have more need.
    Any prayers or advice is most welcome!!!

  6. Kaz, what a beautiful selfless way to spend Christmas. You certainly don't need any advice (prayers are always necessary). Your help will come from above as a big 'thank you' - for whatever you do for the least of my brothers....you know the rest. Watch their faces, you may just see Christ in one of them.

  7. Awesome post Kaz! God is stretching me too! We have given up our Christmas at home to put one on for those who have no where to go on Christmas. It was fun and hopefully we can get the word out there for more people to show next year. This was the second year my family did this and really my kids had a ton more fun than having it in our home or at my family's home many miles away.

    In Him,