3 Dec. 2010

There is a purpose in the pain...

Tonight, I am quieted.
I spent an evening caring for some children, not my own, while my own are away at their dad's.
The young teen arrived a little later.
I was a bit cross with her, as I had heard of some of her behaviour over previous days.
I told her so.
sounds harsh? yes, I was.
But not without purpose.
I said I was disappointed with her, as I knew she could do better, and she had hurt someone dear to both of us.
We both shed tears.
Then we sat and talked.
I know enough of her life so far to know her behaviour is legacy of her younger childhood, and of generations before.
Some of you may not believe in generational curses
But I am sure you have heard the phrase:
"Monkey see, monkey do"
She cried and said she doesn't know why she hurts the most the one she loves the most.
I comforted her while she cried.
But we talked.
She talked
and I talked,
I shared a little of my situation.
And explained how I have chosen to make a stand with Jesus
for myself and my children
to say "no more"
and said that she too can do the same.
But she needs to decide
she needs to no longer rebel against
her family and God
she needs to make a decision
to be either for Christ
or just wander around and be like the rest of the world
I warned her
I warned her that the path she was going was leading to strife,
either Juvenile D or... I didn't say more, that was enough.
She nodded
I explained that the only way she was going to overcome
was with God
That the only way she could turn her life around was with Jesus' help
By including Him in her life
her daily life
She said but...
look what happened last time
she said
what about when a year ago I prayed?...
- something devastating happened afterwards
I said..
But God gives people choices
Bad things happen when people make bad choices
Bad things happen even to Christians,
especially when they stop listening to God
and decide to do their own thing
she said:
But what if...
 I choose God and pray and then something bad happens again?
I will just end up blaming God again...
I told her my sister chose God, then some bad stuff happened
and now she hates God, she is angry at Him
so she has nothing to do with God,
and now her life isn't very good
and now she is lost again.
And it wasn't God's fault.
It was God's people making bad choices.
I think she understood.
Later, I prayed for her before she left.

Now tho, I am quieted
with a lump in my throat,
I realise
that my pain has been for a purpose,
to be compassionate
and give options
and direction
and help
and mostly love
to those who also
suffer the pain.
and need to know that
they can say
No More

please take the time to pray for this child,
who knows the Lord, but needs to really know the Lord
and needs to stand up with Him
and say No More


  1. I will Kaz. You are a gift to her, and through your gentle words and the Holy Spirit, she will ponder and hopefully make the right choice. Our own sufferings and pain does help us to be compassionate to others, there is always a blessing hidden in everything.