24 Dec. 2010

Road trip blessings.... Pt 3

My other two road trip posts were more about how God blessed me personally, but there was much more going on than just 'me, me, me'.
God did some major things in the lives of those I was with, and through those I was with.
I am not fully up on the details of everything, and some I have no right to share on here, but I will do my best in sharing what I can.
The leader of the trip, apart from God Himself, was a beautiful lady of whom is full to over-flowing with the love and spirit of God.
She glows, she ooozes God's love from every pore.  And she spins us out!  And stretches us to a point where our minds are almost completely boggled!
I have never met someone flow and live by the Holy Spirit as she does.
I am a person who likes some structure, likes some planning, likes to have at least some inkling of what is going to happen.
But this lady, I will call her Ms J for now, prefers to go with the flow, or rather go wherever she feels the Spirit leading.
Some may call it 'kooky', some may call it 'out-there', some may call it 'insane'.
But as the Word says...
"We shall know them by their fruits"
and the fruits that Ms J is producing are abundant, and lives are being saved because of her obedience to Gods Holy Spirits leading.
People are being set free from addictions and strongholds and they are learning God's deep Love for them through her expression of His Love for them, and they are learning to receive His love for themselves.
I didn't know what to expect from this trip, I don't think many of us did.  We knew we were going to Adelaide, we knew where we were staying and we knew that we were going to visit Raff Shaw's Church (or rather God's Church shepherded by Raff Shaw) on Wednesday arvo/evening for a feast, fellowship and ministry.
I had heard very little of Raff Shaw (I don't even know if I'm spelling his name right), only that he had apparently a real gift/touch of God on his life, and his ministry through Christ was changing lives and setting people free from strongholds and seeing people healed and raised from the dead.
I didn't really know why I was going on the trip, but I know now, God had His plans and purpose.
So yes, we arrived in Adelaide eventually, after a detour to visit the 'wayward' (?) son of a brother in Christ, as Ms J was convinced that he needed to receive from God through Raff Shaw.  That was Tuesday.
Wednesday morning came. We had no breakfast supplies, infact we had no food supplies at all of our own (that was enough to put me out of my comfort zone - as I always like to be prepared!), so Ms J ventured out with a couple of others to find a supermarket.  Two and a Half hours or so later, they returned.
In the time that they were away, those of us who were left behind were getting frustrated.
But then came the tale to tell of their outing...
Ms J was felt led by the Holy Spirit on a detour and ended up at an ATM (or was it a bus stop?) and witnessed to a young man there (with a black eye, addictions and anger problems) and led him to Christ.  She also invited him to come with us to the church meeting that night.
Praise God for the detour!
Well, the day continued, the kids had Coco Pops for breakfast, and a few of us headed out to find the City Centre with a rough drawn map and an outdated street directory.
We did our day, got a little lost, but managed to find our way to the Marion Salvation Army with an hour to spare that evening.
Meanwhile, Ms J was busy with a couple of others from our crew, and went and collected the 'wayward' son, and the man she had led to Christ earlier that day, and met us at the church.
The man she had led to Christ said later he knew he had to go, he knew he just had to get out of where he was, he knew he wanted change in his life!
The meal and meeting happened.
One of the women in our motley bunch had a serious "you dont have long to live" liver problem, although there  was no sign of yellowing.  He doc said he wanted to put her on the transplant list.
She said none of this to those who were ministering there.
She went up for prayer, and the man who prayed for her told her that God had just given her a new liver!!! There was no way for him to know or tell, other than through God, that she had a liver problem.
Praise God as we believe in faith for the healing!!!  Praise Him for His intervention!!!
Others received prayer, and I believe more breakthroughs were made.
A precious child, a very young lass of maybe 7 years old at the max, was full of the spirit, speaking in tongues and praying for any one that she saw the need to pray for.  She shocked me when I was cuddling my youngest out in the foyer who was crying and feeling sick from exhaustion, I was amazed at the authority in her prayers and her full confidence in doing so, and her ability to speak in tongues.
This beautiful lass, went up to one of the men in our crew, who had just been through detox, placed her hands on his head and just wept.  Wow!
Then as the meeting finished, people mingled a little.
There were a lot of 'just off the street' visitors there, some were approaching people in our crew and asking for drugs.
My dear friend Mrs C, bless her boldness and obedience to God, led one of these to Christ.
In fact I believe that there were many that were led to Christ outside the church that night!
I didnt get to witness this as I was preoccupied with my over tired and amazingly energetic children and what God had been doing in me, but I have heard some of it since.
We all eventually bundled back in the vehicles and headed back to base camp.
The new day of Thursday came and 9 of us headed back in the bus, while Ms J was to return home here later in the day.
We were all exhausted and beginning to get a bit ratty, but God gave us peace and safety on our return journey.
The next day, I learnt that Ms J had returned to our starting point "LW" (the old rehab) with the wayward son who had given his heart to Christ and the man she led to Christ on the supermarket hunt.
The old rehab, which had only just began to function again as such a few weeks prior, was now definitely 'open for business', and God was moving mightily.  The man who had recently detoxed, his partner and toddler son were staying there, and now there was two more, young men to add to the mix.  The young man, met at the ATM or bus stop, had already come to the conclusion that 'this was where he was meant to be' and had already chosen to commit himself to 12 months at the facility! The other young man, the son of a man who turned to Christ 5 years ago, also showed commitment to change, but on a quieter level.
These men are changed, and oh what more amazing changes will God bring to their lives!
AIN'T GOD GOOD!!!!  Yes He Is!!!
So there is our road trip, the best I can tell it at the moment.
But the blessings have been continuing, in my life and in the lives around me!
Oh how we have, and are being stretched by association with the wonderful woman of God, Ms J, and Oh how we know that God is in it all!!!
Praise His Mighty Name!!!
Please Pray for Ms J, all the residents and associates of the "LW" rehab, and for God's mighty works to continue and that many more will find victory and freedom and Life Abundant through Christ and the ministry surrounding  Ms J and the facility.

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