22 Dec. 2010

Road trip blessings.... Pt 2

Then came the Church Gathering  that we all travelled the miles for.
I'm not into "chasing God", we dont need to, for He has already told us that -
"Never will I leave you, nor forsake you"
But along for the ride I went, with a quiet expectation that God would either bring spiritual healing (which He had done already - see last post), or that he would show me something that I needed to see.
We gathered at Marion Salvation Army Church (or Citadel) for a wonderful feast of Lamb on a spit, and then had a time of worshipping God, followed by a rally of speakers, testimonies and prayers.
I wasnt going to go up for prayer that night, I didnt feel a need to.  I sat on the floor holding my youngest's hand while he tried to rest his exhausted little body.
A lady from the congregation came and sat with me, and said she would hold my son's hand so I could go up for prayer.  I said I was ok, and for some reason told her a little how I had to close the door to the relationship between my dad and my kids and I.
I was surprised when she then informed me that she had had to do the same with her dad, in regard to his treatment of her and her daughter.
She wrote for me a word from the bible in my note pad, and added a scripture reference that I should read everyday.
Here is the Word she wrote for me:

Isaiah 60:18 (New King James Version)

18 Violence shall no longer be heard in your land,
      Neither wasting nor destruction within your borders;
      But you shall call your walls Salvation,
      And your gates Praise.

This word I knew was spot on, this word God had given to a close friend, and came to be true in her life, and she had spoken of it a number of times in our discussions over time.
I felt this word was confirmation, an answer to my prayers, and in response to my choice to stand against anger and violence in my family & home.

The scripture reference she gave me to read daily was this :   Deuteronomy 28:1-15  it speaks of the blessings of obedience.

Then when she had given me these, my boy was asleep, so she prompted me to stand up for prayer, which I did.  
As I stood and waited I cried out to God and I knew he heard me.
Then a man came and laid his hand on my head and spoke to me.
He said:
"God is going to bring restoration into your home"
For this I praised God, I knew that is exactly what He was already doing, in me and in my family, in my home.
Change had already begun, but Oh, how much more He was going to do!

Today, I received a lovely home made Christmas card from a dear friend.
It made me cry, not just for loving and missing my dear sister in Christ, but for what she wrote as a footnote.
She wrote:
"May God restore to you
all you have "lost"

Oh, isn't our God sooooo Good!!!

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  1. He is good indeed! I will continue to hold you up in my prayers. Now this sounds like the best road trip EVER! Thanks for sharing.

    Praise His mighty name!