21 Dec. 2010

Road trip blessings.... Pt 1

A week away from blogland can be like a year in real life.
the past week or so has been huge!
Too Huge to put in one post, so, here is part one...

Sunday week ago, was the night I said good bye to my Dad, not because he died, but because of difficult circumstances.  It was not easy, but it was necessary.
Then came Monday afternoon, when the boys and I were invited on a road trip to Adelaide (my state's capital city).  Excitement rose, it would be the closest thing we would get to a holiday, and Oh! to just get away for a bit.
We packed, and got ready, rolled up with our gear to the meeting place, late tuesday morning.
All was good, until, I realised that my ex-fiance was going on the trip as well. (I will refer to him as Mr A)
Things hadnt been easy at all between us since we parted mid last year.  For me personally, anxiety had taken control over me, no matter how much I prayed, was prayed for, or I just plain tried; I  couldn't seem to break free of the feelings I had when I saw him.  I couldnt handle being in his presence, let alone hear his voice or speak to him.  I tried and tried to break free but was impotent in the fight. In the end, I just kept praying whenever I was near him, and kept handing the situation up to God.
When he showed up to join the throng of travellers, I thought it was just the icing on the cake... what else could go wrong now??? I was still emotionally raw from the situation with my dad, I could barely hold it together, but I did the best I could, kept praying, kept replacing every negative thought with a prayer of blessing.  I knew I couldnt run, I knew that my sons and I needed to go on the trip and we couldn't back out.
So we all left on the trip, in two cars and a mini-bus (12 seater), and I resigned myself to whatever the trip would bring.
There were two incidences that happened later that day and night, that were significant.  That paved the way for God's great miracle.
The first incident was both funny, terrible and embarrassing.
It began as all the vehicles were starting to leave a pit stop.
I was driving the bus, and as we watched the first vehicle leave, and slowly passed the last one in line, it became apparent that Mr A was not in any of the vehicles.  We thought the last vehicle would wait for him, but every time I edged forward to leave the car park, the car behind edged forward.  Mr A was going to be left behind.  I started beeping the horn, then we could see him running from a little way off.  I thought surely the other car will see and wait, but they still didnt, when I moved.  So I waited, then before I knew it, he was jumping in the back of the bus.  I briefly was pissed off and horrified all at once, but quickly chucked the feelings aside, and hearing the door close, went to take off in the bus, putting my focus squarely on doing the task at hand of driving.
Well, take off I did, unfortunately I didn't realise that Mr A hadnt taken his seat yet, and I had sent him flying!
OH NO! As soon as I realised what had happened I cringed!  In my rush to focus away from him and onto the road, I had very nearly hurt him badly!  But praise God, he was ok.
The rest of the trip was uneventful, terribly terribly long (a 4 1/2 - 5 hour trip took us 9 hours!), but thankfully uneventful.
We finally arrived at our destination, a brand new Christian and his lady opened up their home to us to stay for two nights, utilising floors, couches and spare beds.
We were a motley bunch, all of us, Christians - babies and not so; some ex-addicts, some just out of detox, some willing participants, some with reservations. What was going to happen?  What did God have in store for us?
While a few went out on the hunt for Mcdonalds, I stayed back, and watched the kids (4 in total), with a few others.
Then, came the second incident, which was the most significant.
Suddenly it seemed, Mr A and I were left alone in a room.  I felt awkward, as Im sure he did too.
But then I opened my mouth, and said what I thought I needed to say... I apologised for making him fall, and explained that it was unintentional, as indeed it was an accident.
Something changed.
I started to say sorry, that I had been trying to change my reactions/behaviour, been trying with all of me.  He said he understood.
And the conversation flowed.
and tension eased.
And the conversation didnt stop from that point onwards!
Come the following day, it felt as if we were as comfortable with each other as if nothing bad had ever happened between us!
It was a miracle!  Pure Miracle gift from God.
He stepped in.  He made a way and gave us breakthrough.
The leader of the road trip was having a bath at the time of our initial conversation, she said that God broke into her quiet worship time and told her that something big had just happened!  That breakthrough had come!
Everyone close to Mr A's and my situation all agree that it is a miracle, that only God could do what was done, only God could make the change that happened!
So finally with God's wonderful intervention and His great Unfailing LOVE, there is peace.  Finally amoung our group of Brothers and Sisters in Christ, there is not division or separation!!!
be to the
He is Faithful and Just and True and Full of Love for those who continually Seek Him


  1. I too feel this was a miracle!!! Praise God!!!

    God Bless!!!


  2. Praise our God! I am so happy for you Kaz.

    In Him,