5 Dec. 2010

Once upon a time...

I hated to cry
it was a sign of weakness
God has shown me
that tears
are a sign of strength

To cry is to show you are real
To cry is to show your heart
To cry is to show you care
To cry is to show compassion
To cry is to show your love

Crying relieves pain
Crying relieves stress
Crying cleanses the vision
Crying is healthy

I never used to cry
But God found me
and broke through
and softened my heart
and my resolve
and now I cry

I cry because
I love
I cry because
He loves me
I cry because

Praise God for every tear
that blesses our cheeks

Let each tear melt our hearts
and draw us closer to

The one who has collected
all of our tears
and preserved them 
in a bottle.
The one who has recorded
every tear
in His book

Psalm 56:8
Living Bible

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