9 Dec. 2010


But for the faithful prayers, kindness, and timely words of the redeemed,
we would still be lost and dying
But for the Love, the Mercy and the Grace of the Redeemer
we would still be lost and dying

Have you ever been torn, as I have, between -
wanting to
write someone off your list and class them as no good, hopeless and unlikely to choose the truth
and wanting to
do the 'good Christianly thing' and give them another chance, or even seventy times seven chances....

Ever put someone in the 'too hard' basket?
I have

But then, I was most probably well fit enough to fit into my own 'too hard basket' before I finally heard God's call for me to return to Him.

I hated God, I ridiculed the whole concept of Him, His church and the gift of speaking in tongues.
I think even my Mum gave up on me.
But I know of a few who didn't
And I know they prayed
and I know they showed me unconditional love
and I know they showed me Grace.
(And, Oh, how God showed me Mercy!)
and eventually all their hard work and perseverance paid off...

So what if I show no mercy?
What if my harshness causes
someone to never come to Christ?
What if?
...and what sort of example would that give my little ones?
Would it be better for me to become well acquainted with a nice heavy millstone and the sea?....

Its a bit like standing on a jetty, with a life buoy beside me, and watching someone drown... with a sneer on my face instead of tears...

Mercy is a tough one... especially when we have been hurt...
but for us to be merciless would make us no better than the devil himself.

oh.... conflicting heart... get over yourself and just be obedient to the Spirit, the Word and God!

but, oh... it feels like pushing a millstone uphill...

Oh help me, God!


  1. Hmm, very interesting! This has my motor chugging away. :)
    When I read this I was brought to mind forgiveness. How can we forgive someone who has hurt us or when we have been really hurt in the past? This is tough indeed, but Jesus tells us to forgive or our Father in heaven will not forgive us. I have found out that if I forgive, even though I don't want to, mercy seems to follow because God works on my heart and softens away the bitterness and anger that rests there. I need to take the first step to forgive and leave it in His hands and He always pulls through and fills me with mercy and love for the person who has hurt me or the stranger on the street that looks pitiful.

    Don't push the millstone for He is yoked with you; let Him do the work and watch that millstone roll away into oblivion.

    God Bless,

  2. Yes Child of God, forgiveness.
    Sometimes this is an everyday thing, in the way that when reminded of a situation every day, to continually forgive, and pray a blessing on the perpetrator.
    Sometimes, though, the matter of safety and protection comes in to play.
    Then it is the depth of mercy or hardness which matters.
    Balance needs to come.
    Too much hardness, or rather, toughness, can lead to a person to never know or see the forgiveness and love of God.
    Too much mercy (or leniency) on the other hand, can be foolish, and only set both parties up for failure and more harm.
    Some think that Christians should act like doormats.
    But there is the thing called tough love, God loves us at times with Tough Love, and sometimes us, His children, must also employ tough love...
    But Oh, how it is hard. And Oh, how it can be hard to find the right balance.
    Bless you Sister!

  3. Balance yes! Compassion is another word for mercy. Jesus had compassion but was never a doormat and we are to follow in His footsteps. He drew the line, so should we. Forgiveness does not mean that someone can walk on you, NO it means you won’t think on the sin they committed against you or one you love but you also draw a line and say no more. Yes, it is a fine line and a balancing act, one we all have to do but thank God He understands our plight and Jesus intercedes for us. Haha, tough love; I have to show my bull headed son this on a daily basis.
    God Bless you Kaz,