12 Dec. 2010

Finally it is done.

I have done it.  I have been in turmoil for days.
I have sent the letter to explain my withdrawal from my dad.
If you have read some of my previous posts, you will understand.
It took me days to write it.
It took me days of deliberation over it and its contents.
But after some counselling and support, I completed it.
I kept the contents to facts, my concerns, and to a hope for a better future.
I wrote it with love, and pain, but love, and much prayer.
It was received.
And I received the reply.
It wasn't a pretty reply.
It was a denial.
But I knew, deep down, it would be that.
I know I have done the right thing.
I know I left it open enough to
show grace, and mercy.
I did not want to slam the door shut,
I wanted to leave it open
to make room
for God to move
to make room
for hope.
But he has closed the door
and labelled me as a very sick person.
Oh if only he could see
that he is the one that
needs a doctor.
He needs the only one
who can heal him
and can make him whole.
and that person is Jesus.
Oh Lord,
I give my Dad up to you,
once again,
and I pray that one day
he will cry out to you
and you will answer him.
Take care of him Lord.
Remind him that I love him
and that You love him too.
Please pray for my Dad


  1. I will pray for him!!!
    Without our Lord Jesus
    that you and I have,
    I would be nothing!
    It is because of Jesus
    Christ that I am able
    to make it day to day!!!

    God Bless you sis, and everyone!!!


  2. Oh Kaz, wow. I don't know the history but I know how difficult this must have been, but from your words, how necessary. I admire you, your honesty and sincerity and your ability to be real. What I think is amazing is how you are asking for prayers for him. That is huge! In the midst of all of the pain and sorrow, you ask for prayers. Just beautiful Kaz. Thank you for sharing such deep thoughts.

  3. Thanks Lon, Blessings Brother!

    Thankyou as well Andie, it is hard at times, but we must do what God says we must - love those who hate us and bless those who curse us... and pray without ceasing.
    I wish I could do the ceasing less :O)

    some may wonder why I have shared on here what I have. But apart from the 'getting it off my chest' , I believe that maybe, just maybe I may be able to encourage, or something, another who may be in a similar situation.
    And also, I am most encouraged by the support of those like yourselves.

    Ultimately, all emotions aside, My Dad needs Jesus. It is that simple. He is a broken vessel in need of the touch of the Master's hand. And I believe that only through the prayers of the saints and the Grace and Love of God, can he be saved.

    Love you my family in Christ!
    Thankyou for your prayers
    thankyou for your support