5 Dec. 2010


Some people tend to get hung up on the "denomination" thing.
I generally don't.
Providing a Christian (regardless of denomination) Loves Jesus truly, and stands for Jesus, and the basics of the wonderfully basic Gospel, and shows the Love of Christ openly in Spirit and in Truth, I have no issues with them.  And, anyway, if there is an issue, isn't that between God and them???
I have recently been acquainted with the leaders of a local church, some of their doctrinal beliefs are different to mine, and the denomination that I am part of, but they have the Truth in their hearts, and in reality we are family and each important parts of the body of Christ.
Today we spoke about all sorts of random things, but one thing that came up was the "Great Commission", and the urgency of this day and age to spread the Good News.
Surely instead of nit picking each other over the nitty gritty of doctrinal beliefs, we can all, every denomination, work together for the One and the one cause.
I returned to Christ just over 8 years ago, through the love and prayers and work of a traditional denomination.  I now attend a Pentecostal church, but I do not love my brothers and sisters of the traditional church less. I am just where God has placed me.
We are all part of One Body, how about we start acting that way...
Blessings my to my world wide, denominational wide, brothers and sisters.


  1. You are so right Kaz, wish we could post your words across the sky for everyone to read....or maybe we just need to post them in all the churches!

  2. Amen Kaz! About 30 years ago or so, I used to listen to a lady Pentecostal preacher on a local radio station here in the Los Angeles area. She would often say, "all those denominational tags are going to come flying off when the rapture happens, there will be no denominations in heaven" :-)


  3. Thanks Ron, She sounds like she was a wise woman :O)

  4. Amen!! Very well written. Christianity is a relationship not a reiligon.

    God Bless,

  5. Thanks for visiting Child of God, and Amen to your comment too! :O)
    oh, and I like your little fish
    Bless Ya