27 Dec. 2010

confidence for the journey

I was reminded just now of the picture that caught in my mind in the wee hours of Christmas Night / Boxing Day morning, which I had since forgotten.
I had earlier been awoken by a nightmare, and had then prayed for a while. When it came time to sleep again, I rested my head on the pillow, and as it tends always to happen, my mind began to chug away.
It is like when my head rests, all other distractions are gone, and I often am able to think clearly, and quite often receive little revelations from God during this time.
The picture I got was simple.
It was a colourless picture of me in motion, moving forward, and I notice in my peripheral vision  pictures passing by, like photographs, but I knew that they were things in my life, problems, issues, things that God was mending, changing, removing from me, but the significant thing was that I felt no emotion or feelings, but more of a simple knowledge and recognition, like -
"Oh Yeah, OK, whatever..."
So it was like I knew God was doing and going to do work in my life, but I need not be anxious or worried, for He was just going to make it happen, and all I had to do was keep moving in the same direction, on the path that I was already on.
That I think is confidence for the journey and in the reaching of the destination.
God is Good!!
All the Time!!


  1. I came upon your blog from a Google Alert I set up on the phrase "revelations from God" which is the basis of my blog: Revelations From The Road, http:roadrevelations.org. You might be interested in some of the things God shows me. Be blessed!

  2. God is good all the time, we just need to trust Him!

    God bless you and yours Kaz,