13 Nov. 2010

What do you hear?...

Its raining outside
the pitter patter on the pergola outside my window is pleasantly loud
the wind chimes give a tinkle
the clock in the kitchen ticks just out of beat with the clock in the lounge
the quiet whir of the laptop fan keeps the tapping keys company
passing trucks on the highway nearby
trees swaying under the force of the wind
a car drives past my house
the fridge makes its tired irritating whine
my breath whistles quietly but regular through my nostrils
but I cannot hear my heart beating
but I am awake and alive
while the dog sleeps next to the cat outside
and my dear children dream (hopefully blessed) dreams
I wonder if there will be thunder tonight?
oh, the rain has stopped

1 comment:

  1. I especially like the sounds of the very early mornings---long before sun-up, when sound seems to travel for miles, and the listening ear can discern scores of sounds we cannot distinguish during the day. It is a time for reflection and wonder at God's work.