2 Nov. 2010

Vegetarian Roast for tea...

Today, I am reminded of a good friend that has long since moved away, and though we still get in contact, I do miss her dearly.
I am reminded of her as I cook tonight's tea.  A recipe that she gave me not long after we met, which I have cooked on occasion.
Even the recipe card has "Love, <3 Paula" on it.
Here is the recipe, and I am sure she won't mind me passing it on, as it was passed on to her.

Vegetarian Roast
3/4 Cup Brown Rice
1/2 Cup Brown (or red) Lentils
1 Onion Chopped
3 Cups Water
(+/-) 2tsp Sea Salt
(+/-) 2Tbs Olive Oil

Oil Dish.  Place all in dish and cover.  Roast 175 degs C for 90 mins or Crockpot (use less water) on high for 3 hours.

I always cook it in my Crock Pot, and have often served it with Roast Veggies.  But today I have added a little extra to the dish, hopefully to make it a 'one-pot'.  I have added Garlic (of course!), 1/4 chopped small pumpkin and a stick of celery chopped (with leaves for extra flavour).
I also chucked in at the last minute some corn on the cobs from the freezer.
Im hoping it will turn out well.

Now Im off to ring the gifter of this recipe, my old American-turned-Aussie Friend.


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