30 Nov. 2010

The Humble Tea Sipper, by Lon Anderson

This writing comes from a bloggerland friend, I loved it so much and wanted to share it with you who haven't met Lon yet.

Meet Lon here: The Humble Path

The Humble Tea Sipper

The humble tea sipper was quietly sipping upon some tea while listening to some soft classical music in the background accompanied by some candle light, and a small reading lamp on one side.
Reaching over he opened his one and only book (Holy Bible) and peered at the Words inside. When he began to read, God spoke to him feeling him with such joy that he couldn't even explain it, even if he tried.
As a matter of fact he was filled with such delight that he even started to cry. After sobbing for quite some time, he went to take another sip of tea finding the cup was completely full. This puzzled him because before his cup was only halfway filled. Taking a sip, he discovered a bit of difference in taste, then he came to the realization, that when he was weeping, he was leaning over his cup with the Bible . . . on his other side.

Thankyou Lon


  1. Thank you Kaz . . . this humbles me even more!!!

    God's Blessings to you sis, and your beautiful family!!!

    Your brother in Christ!!!


  2. :O)
    Bless you too Lon!
    I love how God has blessed us each with individual perspectives and insights. And the best part of that, is that we are able to bless one another with His gifts. I like that we get to share :O) and don't have to keep it to ourselves...