14 Nov. 2010

Spiritually Armed, but physically open for attack? Soldier on!

I think that often when the devil wants to have a go at us, stop or stall our work for the Lord, he realises that he cant swerve our unwavering faith in God, so he has a go at us through the physical realm.
I know there are plenty of sceptics out there, but I am going to say it anyways...
Oh and please note that I am not saying this to give the devil all the glory, rather I am saying this to strike a warning, and a solution.
Often over the past year, I have noticed during my times of service, how often unexplained 'glitches' have occurred with the equipment we use in ministry.  Unexplainable glitches, failures, etc, which could have stalled us completely, but through the grace of God, only caused a slight hiccup.
Mainly music electronic equipment continually failed every meeting, but I refused to give up, and laid hands on it and prayed.  God came through every time, and the ministry would function as it should.
This week, I typed up the newsletter for church, and lo and behold, the church printer (which was nearly new) malfunctioned and refused to work, with no explanation according to the manuals.  But unperturbed, the file was sent home with a colleague, printed and copied, perfectly to arrive in the congregation's hands this morning. (This week's front page message I will share on here later)
Also, today during the service, during open worship, the power cut out, but unperturbed, we kept on praising God in the semi darkness, without music or overheads.  And I felt strongly the presence of God and His Spirit amoungst us, I was overwhelmed with a song in my heart of praise, and sang loud (and secretly hoped that only the Lord would hear me).
We could of stopped the time of praise and worship short, we could of all gone home for that matter, but No, we kept on praising, the children I think were slightly amused, but I think we set a good example to them by Soldiering On in Worship to Our KING!
Things may happen... unexpectedly, without explanation, but pray, keep praising God, and soldier on in Him!
Yes, we may be steadfast in Spirit, and Faith, but I think I am reminded to pray for the physical real as well against the enemy's distractions.
Along the same theme, I personally have been ill for a few weeks, and my household, as a whole has been affected by illnesses nearly constantly for the past three months.  I have recognised this past week, that it has partly been a tactic of the enemy to keep me from visiting my grandparents in the nursing home (as I cant go there with anything contagious for it might have dire consequences for them).  Why, you may ask?  Well, simply that I need to share the Gospel with my unsaved Grandfather.  My Nanna and I are the only Christians on that side of the family, and my Nanna now has dementia, so it all falls to me to share, so I must.
I realise that my Grandfather has most probably heard it all before, but now is the time for him to hear it again.  And of course, the devil is not happy about what I plan to do, neither is he happy about me wanting to pray for healing for my nanna's blindness or my grampy's arthritis.
But I will soldier on in prayer, praise, thanksgiving and intercession.
I hope I haven't blahhed too long, but I do hope you get the gist of what I am trying to say...
We are the Lord's and we are subject to Him, we are not subject to the devil and his cohorts.
We are Soldiers in the Army of the Lord and we must continue to soldier on despite any circumstances.
Praise God for all He is, all He has done and all He is going to do.
Praise Him mightily for His unfailing Love

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