13 Nov. 2010

Provision, inspiration and waste-not, want-not...

I am amazed at God and His continual provision for us.
The pool is up again for the coming summer, a blessing from my mum last Christmas.
The dilemma we found last year was that it didnt come with a ladder, and a proper pool ladder was way beyond our budget.
Recently, though, I found a broken pool ladder at a salvage yard and brought it home.
It was in two pieces, where the part which joined it together at the top was broken and missing.
Today I thought I had better have a good look at it and work out how on earth I was going to fix it!
I had a look around and had no wood or suitable pipe to rejoin the parts.
I was at a loss.
But once again, God inspired me, and provided the materials.
A jar of old bolts (never throw a way nuts and bolts, you never know when it might come in handy!) and some cable ties (that the previous owner had graciously left behind in my shed) did the trick.
Now it is functional again and ready for when the weather returns for a good deal of splashing around.
I sat back after the job, and praised God for always making a way.
Im not a hoarder, but I often find new uses for old things, like the half plastic sandpit shell that the boys didnt play with anymore.  It is now our fish pond, lined with a bit of black plastic left over from when I fixed the shed up last year. Also like the old sandpit wooden surround which has been used to encase a new garden bed with our new apple trees.
God doesnt want us to be wasteful, so what ever I can't reuse, I pass on, either to a friend, neighbour or the local charity shop, and they can reuse.
It is more than being 'environmentally friendly', it is also a good practice to have anyway, for thriftiness in these financial hard times, and to be a blessing to others.
God is good all the time!

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