3 Nov. 2010

proud and grateful mumma...

I've been a bit crook this week.  Got the icky coldy-fluey germs floating around in me.  Have managed not too badly up until today.  I woke up with an awful headache and a case of foggy-ness in the brain, to the point where , as I was driving my lads to school and I clipped a curb, I realised that I shouldnt even be driving.
The boys got to school safely, and I arrived home safely, popped enough pills to make me rattle, downed a cup of coffee and took a long hot shower.
I had to go out this morning, no choice in the matter, I was required to run the music and projector for Mainly Music, as my back up was in Papua New Guinea!
I got there safe and quarantined myself as much as I could, and got through the show, although the song leader had to prompt me with "are you ready Miss Music" a few times to jolt me out of my brain fades.
The pain killers had kicked in, but I was sure my brain matter had all been replaced by snotty mucus!
I ventured down the street, ate a healthy salad sub, bought some boxes of tissues then crawled home again.
I vegged out until school pick up time, and suddenly realised it was baseball for the youngest lads tonight! Argh!
Rob and I chilled in the car while the other two played baseball with a mini soccer ball and no bat or gloves... interesting concept!
I didnt feel good, brainache was definitely returning, and I thought, I need to get home.
I said to the lads that we have to have salad and bits and peices for tea.  They said ok.  I know the kids love 'bits n peices' which means whatever they could find in the fridge and cupboard to put on their plate to eat, it generally ends up being quite healthy.
I decided I needed a good hot soak in the bath, to get rid of some aches.  So I asked the boys if they thought they were grown up enough to sort out their tea without mum tonight.  They said 'Yep'.
I had my big soak, answered a few requests, and wondered how Robbie was going to contend with opening the can of tuna he asked for.  Just as I was getting out of the bath, Rob knocked on the door and said that my tea was ready!  That was unexpected, I just assumed they would sort themselves out and I grab myself something later.
I emerged to find my tea on the coffee table with cutlery and a box of tissues :O)
I picked up my plate and joined the lads at the table, where we shared a tea of lettuce, tiny tomatoes, olives, pickled onions, rice crackers, french onion dip, ham, cheese, tuna and mayo.
I was an interesting assortment, but was enjoyed by all.... especially by one proud and grateful Mumma!
... oh and, yes, Robbie wrestled the can of tuna to the ground and conquered it!
Praise You Lord for My Boys

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