16 Nov. 2010

Closer to God

Often times I feel like I am much closer to God when I am gazing at the world around me... the world that He created... and listening to the music that it makes... (though I often have to strain to hear it above the man made noises which seem oblivious to the beauty)

I found this quote at meandering thru life and wanted to share it with you here...

"If  God had wanted to be a big secret, He would not have created babbling brooks and whispering pines."  Robert Brault

God isn't a secret... so...

How often do you stop? Do you take the time to stop and really take in your surroundings?
How often do you pay attention to God's gift of nature around you?
Please, stop, look, breathe, listen...
And most of all Praise God for it all!

(I love to capture some of His  creative beauty with my camera, though I cannot give it true justice, so I have began to share some of what I see on Pretty Things, a photo blog.  I hope you get some pleasure from the photos there.)

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