2 Nov. 2010

Aim Higher... Update - confessions of a mother Still in training

Im getting there, I've been finally making the effort to sit with my kids at meal times.  Yay, about time, you say.
But yes, meal times are getting better, the news channel can wait, my kids can't.
We're even saying Grace with a bit more heart, and less bickering over holding hands LOL
I've added to that a bit more effort in the cooking, and having the kids more involved in that process.
Cheese and Vegemite Scrolls for lunch Sunday, Tuna Mornay for tea, YMCA for tea last night (YMCA stands for Yesterday's Meal Cooked Again), Homemade Ginger & Spice Cookies for desert with hot chocolate.
now I am faced with what to cook for tea tonight???
I haven't the slightest clue :O(
I'll work on that...
Over the last couple of months, I have been trying to get more active with the lads, hence the craft stuff.  Gardening only lasts for a short while before they lose interest.  Playing ball in the yard with them is definately a challenge :O) . I spent time with Zac yesterday while he was home from school, teaching him about houses and bricks, and helped him make his lego house more "stable".  He had been concerned that his house kept breaking.
I know it is early days, but I have plans... am looking forward to beach outings and explorations. And getting my bike sorted so it's rideable so we can tackle some of the awful hills around here together.
Rob has spurred me on a bit, saying he wants us to do more things like other kids get to do (ouch) and for me to spend less time on the computer (ouch).  Thankyou Lord for his heart!
Well,  I have been convicted, and motivated to do better and aim higher, and although Im crook as at the moment with the icky springtime flu, Im going to keep pushing through.
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!
Im in Training, Im a late starter, but Im going to run the race to win!

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