30 Nov. 2010


emotions make me want to run and hide as well as scream on a mountain top, all at the same time!
Praise God for His wings, and praise Him for His arms, and Praise Him for His patience, and especially Praise Him for His Love...

Break The Chains

Break The Chains by Misty Edwards

Come break the chains,
The chains that hinder love.
All that remains of yester year.
Come break the chains,
The chains that pull me down.
Come break the chains and draw me near.

CHORUS (once)
Let Your fire burn consuming me,
Let Your jealous flame
Come take away everything!
Let Your fire burn consuming me,
Let Your jealous flame
Come write Your name upon my heart,
Until all that remains
Is the Light of Your countenance
And I will be satisfied when I awaken
As a lover of You!

Come break the chains,
The chains that hinder love.
All that remains of yester year.
Come break the chains,
The chains that pull me down.
Come break the chains and draw me near.

Who is this is garments stained red
Who is this crowns on His head
Who is this He roaring like a lion
Who is this He's roaring from Zion,
He's roaring from Zion

Who is this King of glory (Repeat x3)
He is mighty to save all who call on His name
In righteousness He is mighty to save
He's mighty to save all who call on His name
But woe to the enemy
Of the King on His Wedding day
But woe to the enemy
Of the King on His Wedding day
All of your judgments... just and true.

Let Your fire burn consuming me,
Let Your jealous flame
Come take away everything!
Let Your fire burn consuming me,
Let Your jealous flame
Come write Your name upon my heart,
Until all that remains
Is the Light of Your countenance
And I will be satisfied when I awaken
As a lover of You!

This song, I believe is very powerful.
The first verse of the song is a powerful prayer.
Crying out from the heart to Jesus, 
for freedom from the past and the legacies of the past that remain, that which has kept us in chains.
These chains can cause us to not know fully the presence, love and freedom of Living in Christ.
I am reminded now of an old song of praise (Praise the Lord) where it says: Shake off those heavy bands, lift up those holy hands, let all God's people praise the Lord.

Freedom for the captives.
Indeed Jesus has come to proclaim freedom for the captives!

The Chorus points to God's refining fire, symbolised by the refining of silver,  where silver is heated in the furnace seven times where each time the dross (impurities are blasted off), until the final firing, where the refiner can see their perfect reflection in the liquid metal.  Hence "till all that remains is the light of Your countenance".
That God's fire would burn away all that is not of Him within in us, so that we would become a true reflection of Christ.  That we would become more like Him and less of our sinful, fleshy, worldly selves.  

The rest of the song tells of the Awesome power and majesty of Christ, and that He Saves.... even as a roaring Lion! 

I love this song, as you may have guessed :O) and find it is good to meditate on.
Misty Edwards is clearly a Spirit led and gifted artist (oh, that would be my opinion, haha).
I have many of her albums and find them all great worship songs, leaning largely on the prophetic worship side. I have often played them and felt strongly the presence of God, and been touched by His Holy Spirit.
I often shut out the world, turn up the volume, and just worship the Lord, praising in my own words, the Spirit, and in the words of the songs.
I hope this song is a blessing to you too.

 Misty has written and recorded two slightly different versions of this song, this particular version comes from the album Eternity.  The other version is on the Unplugged Cd of the Relentless album.

To listen to this song, and others from Misty you can go to this link http://new.music.yahoo.com/misty-edwards/tracks/break-the-chains--59200128 and use the Rhapsody player to listen.  Or alternatively you can visit IHOP's website  (International House Of Prayer) where Misty very often leads the worship teams.  You can have access there to a free album download of Prophetic Worship songs from Misty and others.

Be Blessed as you Praise The Lord, and live a life of Worship of Him, Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
And may any chains fall away like chaff, and that you will know true freedom in Christ!  Praise Him as He sets us free and refines us like silver!
Love, your sister in Christ,

The Humble Tea Sipper, by Lon Anderson

This writing comes from a bloggerland friend, I loved it so much and wanted to share it with you who haven't met Lon yet.

Meet Lon here: The Humble Path

The Humble Tea Sipper

The humble tea sipper was quietly sipping upon some tea while listening to some soft classical music in the background accompanied by some candle light, and a small reading lamp on one side.
Reaching over he opened his one and only book (Holy Bible) and peered at the Words inside. When he began to read, God spoke to him feeling him with such joy that he couldn't even explain it, even if he tried.
As a matter of fact he was filled with such delight that he even started to cry. After sobbing for quite some time, he went to take another sip of tea finding the cup was completely full. This puzzled him because before his cup was only halfway filled. Taking a sip, he discovered a bit of difference in taste, then he came to the realization, that when he was weeping, he was leaning over his cup with the Bible . . . on his other side.

Thankyou Lon

Perfect Love...

God is Love.
Whoever lives in Love lives in God,
and God in him.
In this way,
Love is made complete amoung us
so that we will have confidence
on the day of judgement,
because in this world
we are like Him.
There is no fear in Love.
But perfect Love drives our fear,
because fear has to do with punishment.
1 John 4:15-18

Sometimes we can know the Word of God,
but until He quickens it in our hearts,
we do not understand it.

One who causes fear in you does not truly love you
One whom you fear you do not truly love.

Love and fear do not, and cannot dwell together.

Love that comes from 'duty' is not love.

Love is a conscious choice.
It is not something that can come from obligation.

Love is not forced
Love is a gift
a gift to be freely given
and freely received

God is Love and He truly Loves perfectly
and when God has made residence in our hearts
we know true Love
and we can Love truly

God is Perfect
and God Loves us Perfectly

Thankyou God
that You are my true Father
Thankyou God,
that although my earthly dad
has shown imperfect love, and caused fear,
I can still know True Love through You.
Thankyou that You Love me perfectly.

Help me to lead by Your example
and Love perfectly my children
and break the curses of generations before
that they in turn will learn to Love perfectly.

No more fear
No more intimidation
No more anger
No more violence
No more!
In Jesus' Holy Name

I proclaim the Peace, Joy, Love and Hope of Jesus
to reign in this family,
in this generation, and those to come!


29 Nov. 2010

This is my 200th post...

There Ya Are...
I've done it now...
Juz thought I'd let you know...

haha haha

Bless Yas All Passers-by...
See Ya Round Like a Pizza with Pepperoni on top!


25 Nov. 2010


Passing on a fellow blogger's post...

Reflections: HANDY LITTLE CHART: "GOD HAS A POSITIVE ANSWER: YOU SAY GOD SAYS BIBLE VERSES You say: 'It's impossible' God says: All things are possible (Luke 18:27) You s..."

Its ok to say No...

Today, I realised its ok to say No.
Not just any old no, but No to someone who consistently throughout my lifetime, been an abuser.  A verbal, emotional, physical abuser and manipulator.
Even if that person is a close relative, and someone who has been a significant part of your life and your children's lives.
I have been estranged from this person for a few months now, by my choice.
An incident happened which broke my heart, shattered me, I cried out.
I cried, and sought help.  The advice I was given was clear, from a couple of God-fearing people, and I know it was godly advice.
I was told it was time to stand up, speak up and proclaim NO MORE!
You would think that at the age of 37, that I would have worked this out myself years ago, but I was too scared to.
I have forgiven that person.
But I have not known what to do.
One part of me thought I had to reach out again to that person, the other part of me was afraid because, as this person admits no wrong, and refuses to apologise, I feared that nothing would be changed and the ill treatment would continue.
In addition to my personal experiences with this person, I have discovered through my conversations with my children, that my sons have also suffered abuse from this person!
So I know now for sure, without a doubt, that this person has not changed at all, that he has been treating my children just as he treated myself and my siblings in our childhood.
So I have been torn between doing the 'right thing' and keeping the family together, and wanting to protect myself and my children from further hurt and harm.
I talked to a wise Christian lady today, and asked her if she thought I was doing the wrong thing by staying away from this person.  Was I being un-christian-like?  Am I supposed to turn the other cheek?
Forgiving is one thing, which I have done, but must I put myself and my children back in the firing line?
Oh dont get me wrong, this person is not a monster, he can be nice, and loving almost, but its the incidences of abuse (and manipulation) that stick, and do harm.
My friend said, that it was ultimately my choice, but she said it was doubtful that this person would admit wrong, or even see what they are doing as wrong, even when told straight out.  She said that I needed to consider the fact that my children may see and experience what is being done by this person, and may end up continuing the cycle in their own adult lives.
I hadnt considered that specific point, I had thought very strongly that I didnt want my children to be a part of repeating history by being victims of the person as I was, but I hadnt considered that they may then become abusers.
So today I say NO
I say no more will this person have a significant part of my life or my children's life.
I will not give him opportunity to inflict my children (or myself) with his abuse.
I have a heavy heart, still, but I know that for now, I have made the right decision.

23 Nov. 2010

this is the calm...

I am in a different time in my life at the moment.  A feeling I have not felt for some time, if ever.  I feel I am in a time of rest, a time of calm.  Nothing much is happening at the moment, and for once there is no dramas.  I praise God for the lack of stress, lack of drama, lack of rush.  I thank him for His Peace.
The last few years have been very turbulent.  I will not go into them now, but, that there has been depression and anxiety and fear.  The storm began to rage years ago.  But when I returned to God, just over 8 years ago, He gave me strength to get through it all.  In many ways, I have clung to Him as He has held on to me.  When my mind was in turmoil through the storms, I always have had the hope in my God, my Lord and Saviour Jesus!
I am content.
But I also recognise that I am at a turning point.  A new adventure is around the corner... over the bend, and into the new year.
But I feel also distant a little from the Lord, not that he has left me, it is just that we are not in conversation so much at the moment.  I feel a warning in that, a warning not to wander, and not to become complacent in this rest.
Oh I see Him everyday, and wonder at His greatness and awesomeness everyday.
But apart from praising Him for his blessings and His creation, I don't feel much more to talk about.
I am not in a desert, I am not in a storm, I am not in a valley and I am not on a mountain top.
I think I am just in a garden.  Sitting, resting, watching, listening, enjoying the peace.

19 Nov. 2010

the noise machines...

are doing their best to drown out the peace this morning...
beating each other up with pool noodles, and in between are using them as trumpets!
Yes, it is spring here, and the pool is up, but they wouldnt wait for the water to warm up, No!
They will be little icicles by the time the day is through!
Gotta love my little noisy icicles!

18 Nov. 2010


they awoke rather early this morning... making a racket...
so I went in to have words...
my youngest was snuggled in bed...
I went to give him a cuddle and noticed something odd...
I pulled back the covers and realised...
my boy was fully dressed in his school uniform...
I quizzed him about it...
and he replied...
"so I didnt have to get dressed in the morning"
he had gotten into his uniform the night before, just after I had kissed him goodnight...
that's organised!
Oh, dear!

16 Nov. 2010

Closer to God

Often times I feel like I am much closer to God when I am gazing at the world around me... the world that He created... and listening to the music that it makes... (though I often have to strain to hear it above the man made noises which seem oblivious to the beauty)

I found this quote at meandering thru life and wanted to share it with you here...

"If  God had wanted to be a big secret, He would not have created babbling brooks and whispering pines."  Robert Brault

God isn't a secret... so...

How often do you stop? Do you take the time to stop and really take in your surroundings?
How often do you pay attention to God's gift of nature around you?
Please, stop, look, breathe, listen...
And most of all Praise God for it all!

(I love to capture some of His  creative beauty with my camera, though I cannot give it true justice, so I have began to share some of what I see on Pretty Things, a photo blog.  I hope you get some pleasure from the photos there.)

Contemplating my navel...

some days are not so busy, like today
In the quietness of the 'pottering around' I think.
I think
and I think
not about anything in particular.
I like these times.
I get to wander around my garden
I get to stop and smell the flowers and explain to my youngest why plants have flowers, what bees and spiders are for, and where the seeds come from.
In amongst it all I look at the world around me.
I listen to the sounds of the world around me.
And in the peace of it all
God pleasantly interrupts my thoughts
I like it when He does that.
Often times when 'contemplating my navel'
My thoughts turn to God and the wonder of Him
and then I think about those I know who miss it.
They miss realising the wonder
They miss knowing the One who made the wonder
They miss out
For their eyes are blind and their ears are deaf
I pray that one day soon their eyes will be opened
and their ears be opened
and they realise the Wonder of God and all His wonders!
Help me Lord to help them see and hear and know

14 Nov. 2010

Spiritually Armed, but physically open for attack? Soldier on!

I think that often when the devil wants to have a go at us, stop or stall our work for the Lord, he realises that he cant swerve our unwavering faith in God, so he has a go at us through the physical realm.
I know there are plenty of sceptics out there, but I am going to say it anyways...
Oh and please note that I am not saying this to give the devil all the glory, rather I am saying this to strike a warning, and a solution.
Often over the past year, I have noticed during my times of service, how often unexplained 'glitches' have occurred with the equipment we use in ministry.  Unexplainable glitches, failures, etc, which could have stalled us completely, but through the grace of God, only caused a slight hiccup.
Mainly music electronic equipment continually failed every meeting, but I refused to give up, and laid hands on it and prayed.  God came through every time, and the ministry would function as it should.
This week, I typed up the newsletter for church, and lo and behold, the church printer (which was nearly new) malfunctioned and refused to work, with no explanation according to the manuals.  But unperturbed, the file was sent home with a colleague, printed and copied, perfectly to arrive in the congregation's hands this morning. (This week's front page message I will share on here later)
Also, today during the service, during open worship, the power cut out, but unperturbed, we kept on praising God in the semi darkness, without music or overheads.  And I felt strongly the presence of God and His Spirit amoungst us, I was overwhelmed with a song in my heart of praise, and sang loud (and secretly hoped that only the Lord would hear me).
We could of stopped the time of praise and worship short, we could of all gone home for that matter, but No, we kept on praising, the children I think were slightly amused, but I think we set a good example to them by Soldiering On in Worship to Our KING!
Things may happen... unexpectedly, without explanation, but pray, keep praising God, and soldier on in Him!
Yes, we may be steadfast in Spirit, and Faith, but I think I am reminded to pray for the physical real as well against the enemy's distractions.
Along the same theme, I personally have been ill for a few weeks, and my household, as a whole has been affected by illnesses nearly constantly for the past three months.  I have recognised this past week, that it has partly been a tactic of the enemy to keep me from visiting my grandparents in the nursing home (as I cant go there with anything contagious for it might have dire consequences for them).  Why, you may ask?  Well, simply that I need to share the Gospel with my unsaved Grandfather.  My Nanna and I are the only Christians on that side of the family, and my Nanna now has dementia, so it all falls to me to share, so I must.
I realise that my Grandfather has most probably heard it all before, but now is the time for him to hear it again.  And of course, the devil is not happy about what I plan to do, neither is he happy about me wanting to pray for healing for my nanna's blindness or my grampy's arthritis.
But I will soldier on in prayer, praise, thanksgiving and intercession.
I hope I haven't blahhed too long, but I do hope you get the gist of what I am trying to say...
We are the Lord's and we are subject to Him, we are not subject to the devil and his cohorts.
We are Soldiers in the Army of the Lord and we must continue to soldier on despite any circumstances.
Praise God for all He is, all He has done and all He is going to do.
Praise Him mightily for His unfailing Love

this is our new family favourite meal... yum yum

a recipe courtesy of Curtis Stone (home grown Aussie good looking chef)
this is supposed to feed a family of four for under $10
it feeds us well... the couscous is sooo filling!
and the lads love helping cook it too, which is a bonus!

got a tang that whacks your taste buds!!

13 Nov. 2010

What do you hear?...

Its raining outside
the pitter patter on the pergola outside my window is pleasantly loud
the wind chimes give a tinkle
the clock in the kitchen ticks just out of beat with the clock in the lounge
the quiet whir of the laptop fan keeps the tapping keys company
passing trucks on the highway nearby
trees swaying under the force of the wind
a car drives past my house
the fridge makes its tired irritating whine
my breath whistles quietly but regular through my nostrils
but I cannot hear my heart beating
but I am awake and alive
while the dog sleeps next to the cat outside
and my dear children dream (hopefully blessed) dreams
I wonder if there will be thunder tonight?
oh, the rain has stopped

Provision, inspiration and waste-not, want-not...

I am amazed at God and His continual provision for us.
The pool is up again for the coming summer, a blessing from my mum last Christmas.
The dilemma we found last year was that it didnt come with a ladder, and a proper pool ladder was way beyond our budget.
Recently, though, I found a broken pool ladder at a salvage yard and brought it home.
It was in two pieces, where the part which joined it together at the top was broken and missing.
Today I thought I had better have a good look at it and work out how on earth I was going to fix it!
I had a look around and had no wood or suitable pipe to rejoin the parts.
I was at a loss.
But once again, God inspired me, and provided the materials.
A jar of old bolts (never throw a way nuts and bolts, you never know when it might come in handy!) and some cable ties (that the previous owner had graciously left behind in my shed) did the trick.
Now it is functional again and ready for when the weather returns for a good deal of splashing around.
I sat back after the job, and praised God for always making a way.
Im not a hoarder, but I often find new uses for old things, like the half plastic sandpit shell that the boys didnt play with anymore.  It is now our fish pond, lined with a bit of black plastic left over from when I fixed the shed up last year. Also like the old sandpit wooden surround which has been used to encase a new garden bed with our new apple trees.
God doesnt want us to be wasteful, so what ever I can't reuse, I pass on, either to a friend, neighbour or the local charity shop, and they can reuse.
It is more than being 'environmentally friendly', it is also a good practice to have anyway, for thriftiness in these financial hard times, and to be a blessing to others.
God is good all the time!

4 Nov. 2010

From The Book...

it says...
13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
(Philippians 4:13, New King James Version)
it doesn't say...
I have to do everything...
We are to be wise...

This passage to follow is from The Word For Today
Time Out  Friday, 08 October 2010 00:00
'Cast your burden on the Lord...' Psalm 55:22 NKJV 
A hiker with two heavy holdalls was walking down a road in 35° heat. A truck driver stopped and told him to hop on. Later when the driver looked in his rear-view mirror, the hiker was standing in the truck-bed still holding his bags! We smile, but as Jon Walker points out, many of us 'stand in the truck of faith still carrying our burdens, thinking they're independent of the ride we're taking. We think God can carry us but not our burdens... The Psalmist said, ?Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you.? Rest in His power and grace...confident He's looking out for your best interests. Rest requires dependence, and one sign that you're not resting in God...is worry...the need to control... Next time you feel overwhelmed...settle into a chair, ?Be still, and know that [He is] God...? (Psalm 46:10).' In this instance, the command to 'be still' here comes from a Hebrew word which means 'to let go, release, lift up'. You've struggled long enough; give your burden to the Burden Bearer. Set it down! In order to do that you must do two things.
First: practise saying no. If you're constantly available you'll end up stretched so thin you'll be no good to anybody. Jesus didn't try to please everybody. He prayed, got God's agenda and stuck to it. God will give you the grace to do only what He has commanded, not what you think or what others would like. Second, value solitude. Turn off your pager and mobile phone. The sign of a well-ordered mind is the ability to sit quietly in one place and linger in your own company.


3 Nov. 2010

It's a male thang...

Why do dogs have to pee on everything?
As if its not bad enough with one boy dog on the premises, when they have mates over, they have peeing competitions... with a "anything you can do, I can do better!"
That's why outside furniture stays outside!
...and once it's outside
...it stays outside!

proud and grateful mumma...

I've been a bit crook this week.  Got the icky coldy-fluey germs floating around in me.  Have managed not too badly up until today.  I woke up with an awful headache and a case of foggy-ness in the brain, to the point where , as I was driving my lads to school and I clipped a curb, I realised that I shouldnt even be driving.
The boys got to school safely, and I arrived home safely, popped enough pills to make me rattle, downed a cup of coffee and took a long hot shower.
I had to go out this morning, no choice in the matter, I was required to run the music and projector for Mainly Music, as my back up was in Papua New Guinea!
I got there safe and quarantined myself as much as I could, and got through the show, although the song leader had to prompt me with "are you ready Miss Music" a few times to jolt me out of my brain fades.
The pain killers had kicked in, but I was sure my brain matter had all been replaced by snotty mucus!
I ventured down the street, ate a healthy salad sub, bought some boxes of tissues then crawled home again.
I vegged out until school pick up time, and suddenly realised it was baseball for the youngest lads tonight! Argh!
Rob and I chilled in the car while the other two played baseball with a mini soccer ball and no bat or gloves... interesting concept!
I didnt feel good, brainache was definitely returning, and I thought, I need to get home.
I said to the lads that we have to have salad and bits and peices for tea.  They said ok.  I know the kids love 'bits n peices' which means whatever they could find in the fridge and cupboard to put on their plate to eat, it generally ends up being quite healthy.
I decided I needed a good hot soak in the bath, to get rid of some aches.  So I asked the boys if they thought they were grown up enough to sort out their tea without mum tonight.  They said 'Yep'.
I had my big soak, answered a few requests, and wondered how Robbie was going to contend with opening the can of tuna he asked for.  Just as I was getting out of the bath, Rob knocked on the door and said that my tea was ready!  That was unexpected, I just assumed they would sort themselves out and I grab myself something later.
I emerged to find my tea on the coffee table with cutlery and a box of tissues :O)
I picked up my plate and joined the lads at the table, where we shared a tea of lettuce, tiny tomatoes, olives, pickled onions, rice crackers, french onion dip, ham, cheese, tuna and mayo.
I was an interesting assortment, but was enjoyed by all.... especially by one proud and grateful Mumma!
... oh and, yes, Robbie wrestled the can of tuna to the ground and conquered it!
Praise You Lord for My Boys

2 Nov. 2010

Vegetarian Roast for tea...

Today, I am reminded of a good friend that has long since moved away, and though we still get in contact, I do miss her dearly.
I am reminded of her as I cook tonight's tea.  A recipe that she gave me not long after we met, which I have cooked on occasion.
Even the recipe card has "Love, <3 Paula" on it.
Here is the recipe, and I am sure she won't mind me passing it on, as it was passed on to her.

Vegetarian Roast
3/4 Cup Brown Rice
1/2 Cup Brown (or red) Lentils
1 Onion Chopped
3 Cups Water
(+/-) 2tsp Sea Salt
(+/-) 2Tbs Olive Oil

Oil Dish.  Place all in dish and cover.  Roast 175 degs C for 90 mins or Crockpot (use less water) on high for 3 hours.

I always cook it in my Crock Pot, and have often served it with Roast Veggies.  But today I have added a little extra to the dish, hopefully to make it a 'one-pot'.  I have added Garlic (of course!), 1/4 chopped small pumpkin and a stick of celery chopped (with leaves for extra flavour).
I also chucked in at the last minute some corn on the cobs from the freezer.
Im hoping it will turn out well.

Now Im off to ring the gifter of this recipe, my old American-turned-Aussie Friend.


Aim Higher... Update - confessions of a mother Still in training

Im getting there, I've been finally making the effort to sit with my kids at meal times.  Yay, about time, you say.
But yes, meal times are getting better, the news channel can wait, my kids can't.
We're even saying Grace with a bit more heart, and less bickering over holding hands LOL
I've added to that a bit more effort in the cooking, and having the kids more involved in that process.
Cheese and Vegemite Scrolls for lunch Sunday, Tuna Mornay for tea, YMCA for tea last night (YMCA stands for Yesterday's Meal Cooked Again), Homemade Ginger & Spice Cookies for desert with hot chocolate.
now I am faced with what to cook for tea tonight???
I haven't the slightest clue :O(
I'll work on that...
Over the last couple of months, I have been trying to get more active with the lads, hence the craft stuff.  Gardening only lasts for a short while before they lose interest.  Playing ball in the yard with them is definately a challenge :O) . I spent time with Zac yesterday while he was home from school, teaching him about houses and bricks, and helped him make his lego house more "stable".  He had been concerned that his house kept breaking.
I know it is early days, but I have plans... am looking forward to beach outings and explorations. And getting my bike sorted so it's rideable so we can tackle some of the awful hills around here together.
Rob has spurred me on a bit, saying he wants us to do more things like other kids get to do (ouch) and for me to spend less time on the computer (ouch).  Thankyou Lord for his heart!
Well,  I have been convicted, and motivated to do better and aim higher, and although Im crook as at the moment with the icky springtime flu, Im going to keep pushing through.
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!
Im in Training, Im a late starter, but Im going to run the race to win!

Quick Wit...

My boy, my midddle boy, Sean is fine tuning his wit.
He has it almost perfected I am sure!
The other night at the tea table, my boys were having a bit of a laugh with me.
They got a little too excited and I had to tell them to settle down a bit and Eat Your Tea!
It got quiet for a minute and I sighed a happy but worn out sigh...
"Hhhaaa!" I sighed
and quick as lightning I got...
Sean you are a laugh a minute when you have your smile on :O)

1 Nov. 2010

You know when you've made it!...

You know you've made it into the "True Friend" category when you ring your girlfriend and discover part way through the conversation that you are actually having a
"Throne Call"...
Just pray they don't make too much sound effects while contemplating their navel, amoung other things on their "throne", otherwise known as toilet, water closet, commode, crapper, WC, John, lavatory, little house, dunny, urinal, bog and loo.
This post is dedicated to my BFF - you know who you are! :OP

ps.  I also found this very informative site for you to peruse -