24 Oct. 2010

Sunny Sunday... Squirting Children With Hoses is fun!

Today began with a frantic last minute organising of my first Bright Sparks lesson (5-7yo Sunday School).  Thankfully I already had a theme and memory verse to work with.
We headed off to church (early for once!) and where we saw two young lads got baptised (YAY).  I told my boys a couple of people were getting baptised today and Rob said that he would like to get baptised too (Double Yay!) but not today, later.
The lesson went well today, with a lovely older lady as my back-up.  The memory verse was Psalm 139:14 I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  The kids made paper plate masks, drawing their faces and threading fancy wool through punched holes around the edge. I think it all went well, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and seemed to get the gist of the verse and it's meaning.
Back home again and yummy salad sangas for lunch, then we all went outside for some fun. Well the kids had fun, playing with water pistols, while I dug over a new garden bed so I could transfer some pea seedlings.
The real fun for me began when Sean and I started a water fight... him with his water pistol and me with the hose... I bet you can guess who won!!!
Im still slightly soggy now as I write... Sean, on the other hand had a complete wardrobe change :O)  but it was smiles all round.

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