28 Oct. 2010

ohh I forgot....

I forgot to share today's biggest blessing...
A friend has invited Rob to join her sons at the Scripture Union camp at Mt Barker in January, and offered to pay for his fees!  She told me about it the other day, and I thought, and thought, and although it sounded great for Rob to go, I just couldnt afford it at this time.
Pride got in the way a bit tho... I am going to pay for half the camp.
I told another friend of the blessing, and she told me off - she told me I need to learn to receive... I know she is right too! I love giving, but really struggle with the 'getting' part! Anyone else have that problem??
But anyway, aside from all that, Rob gets to go to camp!
My friend said her eldest son went this year and was hugely blessed.
The plan is, Rob with travel with them all up there, go to the camp with my friend's two sons, and then will travel back with them again.  It goes from Tues until Saturday.
Oh I will miss my darling, but it will be worth it for his benefit!
Thankyou once again for all your wonderful blessings Lord!

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