23 Oct. 2010

A morning car ride, my Grampy, my boys and I

The boys and I went and picked up my grandfather today from the nursing home/hostel and took him on a 100k round trip so he could go to the bank.  It was a nice morning when the sun came out from the rain.  There were plenty of cyclists and roadkill to see :-)
He has only been in the home for 5 weeks now, and he went in voluntarily which was good.  Nan moved there 18 months ago, then got transferred to a high dependancy ward which is next door.
I can see that it is good that they are closer to each other now, and for mobility reasons it is much better as well.
Nan is blind, can barely walk and has dementia, but thankfully can still recognise voices. Grampy is showing some sign of dementia now, but suffers mainly from arthritis and can travel only twice the speed of a shuffle on a good day.
I am speechless to explain beyond just a soggy blanket of sadness and melancholy when I come away from seeing them.
Grampy talked away like he always does, and barely listens like he always does, but Nan was quiet today, almost like she wasn't there.  I fought for things to tell her, but then just stopped talking.  We didn't stay as long today as we usually do.
The boys seemed not fazed at all, like young boys do, and were happy to climb a big tree on the edge of the hospital grounds while I sat for a minute to clear my thoughts.
Tears well up now as I write.  I miss them so, as so special they always were and are and will be to me.
Im going now, before I cry.


  1. Oh that breaks my heart....btw ... your lads are beautiful....


  2. thanyou for dropping by :O)
    Yes my boys bring much joy, tho they are much grown from when those pics were taken, but still full of mischief of course