26 Oct. 2010

The Lord Provides

Groceries on a budget today...
I went to good ole Woollies today for my fortnightly grocery jaunt, armed with a budget of $50 and a few special requests from the lads.  I had to tell the boys that I might not come home with the requests this week as we were running tight.
Going around the store with my shoestring list I battled to keep the tally in my head, rounding up was the go.
I was just about to head to checkout when I realised I had a couple of items I forgot to put on the list, a quick prayer of hope and I picked them up and headed to the checkout.
This is what filled my trolley...
4x loaves of bread (discounted) @ $1.35 each
Toilet paper 6pk @ $2.79
Corn Flakes @ $2.15
Muesli (Special Request) @ $2.89
2x Muesli bars 8pk (school snacks) @ $1.99 each
2x  Chicken Drumstick Biscuits (Special request) @ $1.24 each
Cheese & Dip snacks 12pk (school snacks) @ $3.99
Jasmine rice @ $2.21
Dried Shitake Mushrooms @ $2.39
HB "Sao" biscuits @ $1.10
Dozen Eggs @ $2.99
Parsley Bunch (discounted) @ $0.99
4x Sundowner Apples 1kg (discounted) @ $2.19 each
Celery half @ $1.59
Iceberg Lettuce @ $2.38
2x Grape Tomato pks (discounted) @ $2.28 each
Beetroot tinned @ $0.75
Kidney beans tinned @ $0.99

With a grand total at the checkout...

I actually did a little "whoop!" when I saw the tally.
Yay Praise God! I was saying inside!
Once again He has made the budget possible and I was able to get the little requests too!
With the discounted items I saved $16.41, woohoo!
Now the challenge is to not need to go to shops again before the fortnight ends.
I already have a pantry well stocked, and a couple of boxes of Uht milk, as well as meat in the freezer, so I believe we can make it :O)
... and there is always popcorn to cook for snacks... yum yum

Thankyou Lord for all your provisions!!

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