22 Oct. 2010

It's Been A While...

Facebook has been my internet home for a while, but have become bored with its junky-ness, so I have been surfing the crafty blogosphere and have been inspired to return to my old friend Blogger.
So here I go again, it's good to be back :O)
So what has filled my days of absence?
Way too much to say and much not worth the telling.
Life is so full of the "everyday".
But it is good and we are blessed.
Spring is finally showing it's face around here, but with the usual Mount balmy-ness: you get sunburnt one day and the next its out with the beanies again.
Oh but the sunshine is warm and has put some life back into our winter weary selves.
The lads and I are buzzing with creativity at the moment.
Rob has accomplished his first ever Cross-Stitch.
Sean has learn to sew and has made some felty softies
Zac has discovered the world of Tom-boy-stitch (aka french knitting, spool knitting, corking, knitting nancy, blah blah bah)
- and my 'L' key is being temperamental at the moment causing me to be brutal to get it working :O( to mend multiple spelling errors...
And I have had a go at Loom Knitting, and, well, found it quite dull (needles are quicker and easier) so have put a half done project aside for some home-made kaz-version embroidery. Those of you who know me, know I rarely stick to patterns and mostly aLways (there's that 'L' again@*%) turn to inventing something from my muddled mixed up brain.
I will endeavour to post some pics of our family's efforts over the past few weeks, but it's late and I cant be bothered atm. :OP
I hope you are all well, and good, and appreciating the gift of life you have, however strange or crappy or dull it might be.
ps. feel free to click on the comment and say gudday, or read some of my out-of-date posts.  Leave a link to your blog and I will come for a visit :O)