30 Mar. 2008

Where is my home?

Recently I blurted out a comment to two friends, something along the lines of:
"I would leave Mount Gambier in a flash"
A comment I received then was something like:
"not too soon I hope"

I didnt give much of an answer then, but have pondered over the comment I made.

It is not that I hate Mount Gambier, it is just that I dont feel like it is my home.
Then I think, well, where is my home?
I cant answer.
I cant think of anywhere that I have lived in my 35 years as being my home.
I have lived in soooo many places, but Mount Gambier is the town that I have lived the longest.

I realised that in reality my home is not here.

The oft said quote is "home is where the heart is"
and my heart is with my boys, and we are here,
but still there is no contentment here.

I dont mean that I am not happy here, I guess I see here as only where God wants me to be at the moment.

Is it my legs that are restless? Is it because I spent most of my growing years moving from one town and parent to another? Is it because it feels inbuilt in me to not stay anywhere too long and I have an unconscious need to keep moving?

No I have thought well about it...

I know my home is in eternity with God, in the house that Jesus has prepared in advance for me to dwell in with Him, when He comes back to take me to be with Him.

So my home is where my heart is, and my heart is with Jesus, and Jesus is in Heaven, sitting at the right hand of God my Heavenly Father.

And at this very moment, with all my little spastic emotions running riot, I am longing very much to be with my Heavenly Father, so I can sit on His knee and cry.

But then, will there be any tears in heaven?
Maybe only tears of Joy!

For now though, I think my God has other plans for me, no doubt to continue what I have started, and be the Mother to my Boys who are the sunshine in my days.

26 Mar. 2008

Memories of times
are treasures to share
smiles to pass on
and a blessing in
a time of loss
may we celebrate a life
and praise
God for eternity!
and the
treasure that awaits
in Heaven
when one day
we will all
and the only tears
will be
tears of joy

18 Mar. 2008


Guess what!!!???
I put in my first set of assignments at TAFE today....
I got the results back already!!!
I passed.... I got an official "pass achieve"
but I got an unofficial
"FANTASTIC! Well Done, can I keep a copy on file?" from my lecturer!
and there was I thinking I would get it handed back to me
and told "try again!"
I am sooo relieved!
Only thing now.... I have already got the next three sets of assignments to do!
I should do the head down.... bum up thingy!

16 Mar. 2008


Imagine what Jesus may have been thinking as He rode into Jerusalem that day..... surrounded by people..... knowing what they were expecting of Him..... knowing what lay ahead of Him in the week that would follow....

something to ponder....

People think of you
a lot less
than you think they do

God thinks of you
a lot more
than you think He does

1 Mar. 2008

Mr & Mrs W's Wedding

Last Sunday was a cool day... not particularly cold or hot, but cool as in "COOL MAN!"

Last Sunday was the first day in my Lil' Sis's and Bro'-in-law's Married Life!

They got hitched, tied the knot, swapped rings and KISSES (of course!) and basically did what many have done before.... They Committed to each other, they made a covenant with each other to Love and Cherish and be with each other for the rest of their lives!

Heavy Duty COOL Stuff!

Twas a quiet affair, but happy, nervous, and all behaved well ;o)

Bride was Beautiful (of course!) and Groom was Dashing! All well composed.... just holding back the soggy stuff that runs down cheeks.... me.... well I let go of a few drops.... couldnt help it!

Any ways.... without further ado

applause for the happy couple..... about to do the honeymoon thingy where it is warmer and noisier and supposedly sunnier..... up the sunny coast where the worlds are whirring and loud and wet....

Here is a pic

or two

Now is that Happy or what?!!!

My Beautiful Sister

Eternity or bust

Look up

Live true

No sideways glance

Focused view

Eyes on the prize

Ushered in the throng

Crowning after

Confessing wrong


Sparkle instead of glass

My Lord is coming

By Best Class

Fire flames

Burn up the sky

Praising His Names

I can't be shy

Lightning bolts

Blow my sins to dust

Hand outstretched

In God I trust


Drops falling

Whispering sadness

Touching despair

Memories gone

Of yesteryear


Says she


Will come




You said "Ask and it will be given to you"

But Lord what right do I have to ask?

I don't deserve a thing

I cannot earn what you give

It cannot be bought

And surely what you have given me is enough

So much enough, that I should be satisfied


And not be forever asking

"please sir, can I have some more!"

But how do I stop my heart from yearning

How and when will this ache within me


I know I must trust

But Dare I ask?

O r do I just wait

For eternity to arrive?