1 Sep. 2008

Who do we believe???

Im struck by a big question at the moment...
in regard to the 'florida revival' & Todd Bentley
and 'the shack' by WP Young
here in aussie land I am quite detached from all the controversy going on in america over these to things.
I have however met people who support these things as well as those who disagree.
The internet is a wonder of a source of information these days and Utube is an easy way of gathering info on stuff quickly, but every one expresses the veiws of the authors.
I know the bible says that we should be wary of false teachers ... especially these days
and I fear that this is the case with the above.
But what if Im wrong?
Who do we believe?
God of course! The bible of course!
If what they say or do doesnt line up with scripture...
then take what they say as a grain of salt, not as something to stake your life on!
One important thing is that we dont become obsessed with the things like Todd Bentley and The Shack. But rather our obsession, or our main focus should be Jesus, God, Holy Spirit and the Word of God!

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  1. Hey Kaz...good post! Our city is where Todd's from..and I can tell you that things are buzzing here BUT not the way people would expect. I think many of our leaders are taking the stand, that first and foremost we must show 'love' towards Todd and pray for his marriage, his wife and his kids. Let's never forget that it's about the 'person' first - the ministry second. We have a young couple, whose marriage is in danger and three young children who will be forever changed if this battle is lost. THEN..from that standpoint, we love and then correct where we need to..but love always comes first. Showing love towards Todd does not mean we are soft..but it is doing ( I believe) God's way - He disciplines those He loves - meaning, we were loved first..So..there you go! And..I loved the Shack. It's work of fiction people need to remember. It's one guys' experience with God - he's sharing how God spoke to him - he's not rewriting the bible! Personally, I felt like some of the things he wrote, actually explained some things to me - so I benefited from reading it - but it will never take the place of the Word! And it shouldn't for others either - it's just a book! A good book...but just a book..and the WORD...well, it's THE Word of God - no contest!
    love yah!!