10 Aug. 2008

Im gonna be an Aunty!!!

Wow!, I have just heard news of My lil sis having to go to hospital tonight to be induced. She is 38 weeks pregnant atm, and has high blood pressure which is why she is getting induced! Please pray for all to go well!
So Michelle & Travis will be officially parents tomorrow, and I will be officially an Aunt!
I think that after having made all my siblings aunts and uncles, its about time one of them made me one! LOL
Michelle is having a baby girl too, which will make the first great grand daughter on my dad's side of the family. There is already 7 great grandsons!
Here is my Beautiful sis and her hubby over here

and here is my beautiful neice 18 weeks ago....

and how even more beautiful she shall be when she is born...

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