12 Jul. 2008

Update....Numero Uno

You remember way back to my previous post..... seems like a year ago..... but only month since I put in my application for a position at a local primary school.
I think it is now time for me to officially announce what I can now officially announce.....
Praises to God!
When I received the phone call "We would like to offer you the position...." my reply was "Really?!!" and then I of course replied shortly after with "I would like to accept the offer".
I was in shock....dazed a little.... and mostly all whom I told (secretly with a "Shhhh!" as I wasnt allowed to announce for a while, for various reasons) said that they knew I would get it, that there was never any doubt!.... They obivously arent "doubting Thomases".... me - I don't doubt God.... just my own interpretations of things at times.... don't we all?
..... Anyway
I have already been to Adelaide for training, (while my dad was generous in offering his skills as grandson minding, looking after my boys).
I have been home for over a week, and am waiting now, for school term 3 to commence, for Government funding (so I will get paid) and for all the official paperwork to have its "T's" crossed and it's "I's" dotted.....
Hopefully..... providing the above is done in time..... I will commence employment on Tues 22nd of July.
Im excited, nervous, and cant wait to see what God has in store..... He obviously wanted me to have the job... now is to go on the Journey ..... so I can be His hands and feet and face at the school..... It is a humbling experience just thinking about it!
So if you are a prayer to Jesus, please pray for me that I will be open completely to God's guidance and always be a willing instrument for Him.

God is Good all the Time!
He put a song of Praise in this Heart of mine.
God is Good All the time!
Through the darkest night, His light will shine!
God is Good, God is Good All the time!

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