22 Jun. 2008

Tomorrow is J.I. day....

J. I. as in Job Interview (not the indonesian terrorist group!)
Yep it has now been about 11 years since my last job interview and tomorrow I face another one.
I am excited and nervous all at once.
God, I know, has it all worked out, of course! But me, well..... Im very positive, but not counting my chickens.... or my ducks, as a friend said to me today.
She told me to 'pretend that Im not nervous at all', and told me the story a lecturer told her once. Ducks look calm, and dont appear to be doing much when they are swimming in the water, but underneath the surface their little feet are going berzerk paddling.
You gotta smile at that one!
I have been short listed for a position
(formerly called Chaplain)
at a local primary school.
Its at 2pm ....... and Im hoping that I will find out good news by tuesday......
But for now, I must breath deep, trust God, and try to have a good nights sleep tonight.....
"good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite, see you in the morning chooky"
as my mummy used to say ;O)