22 Apr. 2008

a snippet from an email.... and some

A friend sent me this today.....

Like you, I am a human being filled with joys, fears,frustrations, and hopes. And, like you, I want to beunderstood, accepted, and appreciated.-- Eric Harvey and Steve Ventura

How True this is of all of us, even if we wont admit it openly, deep down there is the feelings and longings for the above.
What makes us different is how we deal with it all.

For some of us life is.... "slow and steady wins the race"

but for others, life can be like a rollercoaster full of so many highs and lows.... where there is a real deep cry, longing, for a smooth, level, gentle pace, and rest.

Rest, rest for our soul, a chill session for our mind and spirit, oh what wonderful bliss that is.

The rest I find only at Jesus' feet. Curled up, asleep, dreaming of Glory, walking with Him, kneeling at His feet, hearing Him speak... and sometimes, washing His feet with my tears and drying them with my hair.

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