28 Apr. 2008



Ummmm Errr, Yesterday on the way home from church, I kinda pranged my car into a lovely white holden 4x4! The 4wd fared quite well, as did all peoples involved (no injuries, except to my pride!)The boys were in the back seat and werent fazed at all, it seemed! They probably thought "COOL!"anyways... I managed to get it back home before all the radiator fluid ran out.The car doesnt look too bad, considering what it could have looked like. Luckily the other car swerved and didnt t-bone us!The front apron is all bent, the centre upright has been stoved right in and punctured the radiator, the grill, bumper and number plate are stuffed and the bonnet bent. The car isnt drivable anymore due to the radiator.Sooo I called the insurance mob, and they sent a tow truck to pick it up and take it to the crash repairs for assessment.Now I am waiting to find out if they will fix it or write it off....

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