24 Apr. 2008

Bittersweet Victory!

At the moment here where I live, we are apparently having a mouse plague!
I discovered I indeed had a mouse, last week, as I saw it run across the rug at the front door, then to see it poke its cheeky little nose out from behind the bookcase.
Horror upon horrors - I couldnt find any mousetraps at the time! I think I might have chucked them when I moved house... which was real silly as they were the ones that really work, and expensive too!
so last week I bought 6 mouse traps from Bunnings, took them home and set them up, promptly banning Buddy our dog from comming in while I had them set up... poor Buddy!
the next day.... the mouse traps were empty.... but not just no mouse.... no food either! The mouse was a cheeky one, either that or the traps I had bought were dodgy!!! I tried again that night... adjusting mousetraps... gently carefully.... changing the bait to peanut butter....but alas... not a single bit of luck that night.
So then began the hunt all over town for traps... the good ones that work! Alas... Kmart, Woollies, Fishers, Banner, Coles.... no luck... in the end I gave up and bought some plastic versions of the classic wooden style... hoping.....hoping they would work....
That morning Rob had declared he had seen a mouse in his room, and I had heard a mouse (or mouses!) rummaging around in my ceiling above my head this morning while I lay in bed!..... so I had Declared WAR!
Yesterday after more foodless mouseless traps.... I had almost given up the fight in frustration... hoping that someone somewhere would get some more "mouse traps that really worked" in!
Yesterday afternoon.... as a last resort.... I visited the only decent place in town that I hadnt previously visited.....
Mitre 10..... I went "WOO HOO" when I discovered they had the "sure-safe" mousetraps in.... not just in, but abundantly stocked.... I managed to contain my joy enough to not actually dance a jug around the aile all the way to the checkout... but I proclaimed joyfully and thankfully to the checkout attendant that I was soooooo glad! that they had the good ones in! (I worked out I had then spent nearly $20 on mousetraps!!!).
So with relief I exited the store... and we travelled home and immediately set the new traps!
I awoke 20 minutes ago now.... to squeaking.... I lay there praying "please Lord let it die, so I dont have to deal with a trapped but alive mouse!"
But the Lord was teaching me resiliance! and perseverance, and how to not be a complete woose when it comes to tiny creatures that go bump in the night!
I had to get out of bed, not only because I dont think I wouldve been able to sleep with the racked it was making.... running around banging the mousetrap on furniture and other stuff while squeaking in pain!!!
I suddenly had a brain wave as I was venturing to turn the dining room light on..... BUDDY!!! Terriers are supposed to be good rodent killers.... well they go rabbiting dont they!
So I flicked the switch... and saw this tiny little furry thing with a cute nose and its leg caught in the trap..... frightened and in pain!.... what should I do???
I Took a deep breath and went and let the dog in... who immediately barked for a game, but then was too much of a woose to get to close to the noisey furry thing!!!!
Oh dear!! Now I really had to deal with it!.... I contemplated hitting it over the head with a hammer... but my stomach told me NO!! and I cringed at the thought! I looked around.... not a thing to catch it with.... then I spotted the empty 3L plastic milk bottle that was waiting to go in the recycle bin..... Maybe I could catch it in there put the lid on and stick it in the bin... but then I realised that it would probably eat through the bottle and escape.
Then I did what any single woman with no idea would do.... I sat down on a chair next to the little trapped mouse.... I took the lid off the milk bottle and stuck the end over the mouse.... I dont know what I expected that to do... but the mouse copped the dregs of milk... and ended up wet.... then I called the dog over.... and tried to get him to look at it and realise it was food and fun..... but Buddy is definately a woose!
I sighed and taking care to not think at all about what I was about to do.... I pushed down on the end of the milk bottle, over the mouse..... holding it... praying that it would die quickly....
After a minute I took away the bottle.... and regretably looked at the poor limp thing... but I took a breath.... straightened my back and my resolve. and picked up the trap - mouse and all, and took it out the back door, calling buddy with me.... I released it into buddy's bowl, and promptly came back inside and closed the door....
trying not to think about it anymore....
then I reset the trap,
and thought "what a bittersweet victory that was!"
but one down.... how many more to go???
and now I am about to crawl back into bed!
sleep tite dont let the bed bugs bite!!!!

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  1. well, well, well. mice at my house too! i thought there was only one but today alone has caught two! sara h bought me out a mouse trap yesterday and it worked beautifully--both fully dead before needing to be dealt with. lucky me, poor you. i hope you have better success over the next few days! i use peanut butter and reckon it's best but don't put too much on...