1 Mar. 2008

Mr & Mrs W's Wedding

Last Sunday was a cool day... not particularly cold or hot, but cool as in "COOL MAN!"

Last Sunday was the first day in my Lil' Sis's and Bro'-in-law's Married Life!

They got hitched, tied the knot, swapped rings and KISSES (of course!) and basically did what many have done before.... They Committed to each other, they made a covenant with each other to Love and Cherish and be with each other for the rest of their lives!

Heavy Duty COOL Stuff!

Twas a quiet affair, but happy, nervous, and all behaved well ;o)

Bride was Beautiful (of course!) and Groom was Dashing! All well composed.... just holding back the soggy stuff that runs down cheeks.... me.... well I let go of a few drops.... couldnt help it!

Any ways.... without further ado

applause for the happy couple..... about to do the honeymoon thingy where it is warmer and noisier and supposedly sunnier..... up the sunny coast where the worlds are whirring and loud and wet....

Here is a pic

or two

Now is that Happy or what?!!!

My Beautiful Sister


  1. i can see the family resemblance!!! she does look lovely.

  2. Hi Kaz...been gone a while and look at you!! New look to your blog - it all looks awesome!

  3. Awww thanks sis :) What made my day was that all my family shared the moment with us, thank you so much for being there!