7 Feb. 2008

The Word For the Day.... God's Word Reiterated!

From the WFT:

Overcome your past
"Forgetting those things which are behind."
Philippians 3:13
It is impossible to succeed in life without overcoming your past. When the great Ignacy Jan Paderewski first started to study piano, his teacher told him that his hands were too small to master the keyboard. Yet the fire in his soul drove him to become a world-renowned pianist. When Enrico Caruso first started to study singing, his teacher said that he sounded like the wind whistling through the window. Today, Caruso is remembered as one of the world's greatest tenors. If you need inspiration to overcome your life's obstacles, look no further than Christ. Society called His birth illegitimate. He was born into a hated minority who experienced brutal oppression every day. The religious leaders branded Him a heretic. The state called Him an insurrectionist too dangerous to live. One of His closest friends betrayed Him to enrich himself. He was sentenced without a fair trial and died like a common criminal. And what was His response to His suffering, and ours? 'Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world' (Jn 16:33). We spend far too much time crying over spilt milk. Rather than giving attention to the most important assignment we have every morning - to submit to the Lordship of Christ and follow His example - we waste our time and energy on things that cannot be changed. You cannot change the death of a loved one. You cannot change the fact that one day your spouse cheated on you. The past is over. Look forward. Press on! God says, 'The plans I have for you ... are ... good' (Jer 29:11 NLT). That means the best is yet to be!
Sometimes God says tries to get your attention with His Word, and sometimes, we read what he is saying, but dont let it sink in and forget it shortly after. Then He says it again! I think He is Definately trying to get my attention!

This is one of those times:

Just a week ago , Jan 30th, God showed me the following passages:
Luke 12:22-34
Phillipians 3:13
and also reminded me what it says in Jerimiah 29:11-13

This is what I wrote in my Journal:

Do not worry.
Take no confidence in the flesh.
Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.
Take none of my past and put it in my future.
It is from now that matters.
Focus on Jesus.
"I walk by faith, each step I take, to live by faith, I put my trust in you.
... and if my God is for me then who can be against me."
God has my best interest at His Heart.
Plans for Good and not Harm.
Faith, Trust, Confidence in God
In all things Look to God.
His Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
I have to trust Him.
Look to Him at all times.
Keep my mind on Him.

I had asked God for wisdom concerning something that had happened earlier that evening, and asked Him to show me in His Word.... and the Above is What He Showed Me!

Indeed He answered me, and this morning He has reminded me of it, perfectly! with the Word for The Day.

Never mind what has happened in the past, it is over!!! Look Ahead! Do Not Worry about your future... For God Has Plans for Your Future, and they ARE GOOD!

Thankyou God!

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  1. Do not let your heart be troubled.. that was our bible study in church this past Sunday... I really let it soak in... especially after grieving deeply since my father's death... I miss him so much... and I think how much my heart is troubled...

    but then Jesus says, "For I have overcome the world"
    So I know my dad and I will be together again... a promise.... and that is what I hold onto. some very supernatural events took place during my dad's homegoing....

    but I still miss him... so it's the in between moments...

    What a sweet precious blog you have... and I know I will find strength in reading and holding up in these

    thank you my friend