13 Feb. 2008

TAFE is looming.....

2 morrow will end my 17 year studying drought!
2 morrow is the day I go to TAFE and find out exactly what is happening in the course I am doing. I have been twiddling my thumbs since the 18th of Jan when I found out I was accepted into the course! I have really not much of an idea of what is involved with the course, but I do know beyond any doubt that this is what God intends for me to do! Tis COOL!
So If i get a moment or two tomorrow evening, I will update you on my update! :oD
My friend Janine has been generous enough to look after Zac while I am at tafe.... for 3 hours.
The course is an external course, but there are lectures that they advise you attend.... Im kinda hoping that none of the lectures are tuesday morning, so they dont clash with the running of playgroup! But GOD will sort it!
Anyway, thats all from me 2nite.... Im in for an early night of catching zzzz's!

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  1. i'm very interested to hear what course you'll be doing! i think tafe is a brilliant education invention. :)