8 Feb. 2008


Yep it is apparently National Cuddle Day today.

Probably just another piece of clever marketing.....
But I suppose any excuse to spread some Hugs, Love and Comfort around is OK

Here is the official link to the official site:

And you can send a "virtual cuddle" via this link....


But Otherwise, you can always Give someone a real HUG in person!!!!!

My Nanna always said to me .....

Everyone needs at least four Hugs a day!

and she would often ask.... have you had your hugs today???

Go find a Hug, and give it away!


  1. G'day Kaz,

    The 8th is my B'day. What a blast to hear it was national cuddle day on my B'day.

    I will be checking out the links and making a link to it from my blog. Thanks craig.

  2. bTW, there are 2 things I have told my sons that I want them to know since they were born, and take them into my lap and cuddle them. Well used too, now they are 5 & 8 they don't cuddle as much, but I lay my hand on their shoulder and tell them.

    1.) Dad loves you very much.

    2.) Dad likes you very much.

    Blessings craig