5 Feb. 2008

Januarys ramblings in February Part 3

Permission granted.... A couple of pics of A Happy Couple and their Cute Kids

I had the wonderful privilege to attend a wedding on the 12 of January...

It was a lovely arvo at the local Aberfoyle Garden. Though I nearly didnt make it in time.... So grateful that the Bride and Groom were running late!

Actually I got a bit lost on the way there.... even though there was a map on the back of the invite! Ummm yeah well the garden was a square on the map, and had no line connecting it to a road :D Im sorry but I needed a line! I couldnt work out what road I was supposed to be on so I could find the driveway to the place... and maybe I knew I was cutting it fine time-wise and was a little frazzled! LOL Well I beleive that all maps are open to the interpretation of the reader and when drawing maps there must be allowances made for gooses like me who Like every thing LOGICAL ..... absolutely no harm intended to the the Bride and Groom.... More a totally take the mickey out of myself for my BLONDE moment.
But when I finally did work out where I was supposed to be. I was thoroughly surprised and relieved that I had gotten there before the soon to be happily married couple!
I chatted to the Pastor for a minute or two, then went a found my friends Heather and Don....

we waited.... then the cars rolled in.... and pulled up out of sight a bit.... and we waited..... we stood watching....

and then the long walk down the grassy aisle began...

First came the Groom' 3 lasses with the Bride's 2 lads.

I must say that they looked a treat and they mustve practiced heaps because they did it with out laughing, crying, running away or leaping for joy ;)

Top Job Kids!

Next came the Bride and Groom... breaking with aussie tradition, they went with a swedish tradition (the groom being originally from sweden). The Bride - Linda, and the Groom - Kent, walked together down the aisle to become married.

Then after very little pomp, but with much love, gentle emotion and softly spoken vows, they were wed. And there was not just the joining of two lives, but of seven. A Special Family was formed from two "broken" families. Joy came through :) LOVE came through and GOD was indeed there with them all, as He is now.

And well... here is the happy Mr and Mrs, striking a pose just for my little camera... dont ya just luv em!!!

Now the official honeymoon is over, the family has settled in together in a new home to fit them all, and Life begins anew for all of them.... now comes the "happily ever after" bit.



This photo is a bit of a ring in... ;) Mr Don doing the Abbey Road pose, after the ceremony... had to post it ... coz it is just him in a T, a character :D

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