4 Feb. 2008

Januarys ramblings in February Part 2

Friday 11th Jan....
Mad dash from Beachport after morning's swimming lesson. God home, chucked dirty clothes in machine. Proceeded to clean my car!!!!! SHOCK HORROR!!!!!
Yes the car got cleaned... I enslisted Rob as my T.A and got him to work with the Vacuum cleanner, while I sorted out the accumulated piles of unnecessaries.... My mum was coming and I had decided to forget the house, and clean the car.... I think my priorities must have been a bit skewed, but then again, the car was half full of sand from the beach.
Boys went to their dad's for tea, I dropped them off at 4.
I proceeded to twiddle my thumbs in semi-nervousness, awaiting 6 o'clock.... when I needed to proceed to the local piddley airport and await my Mum.
Mum was at that particular time between homes, having just completely packed up camp in Darwin, and flown down this way on a slight detour on her way to Robo, NSW - to be with her Beau.
I got to the airport and waited, like you do, and eventually the plane arrived.
Out stepped mum, and I was soon able to give her a hug. I hadnt seen her for nearly a year.
We got her stuff and headed back into town to get some tea.
Mum wanted some Thai cooking, so we headed for the local thai restaurant.
We ordered some "spicy" food, and headed home.
We then discovered that the chilli dipping sauce that came with a dish was indeed SPICY!
That was then end of the meal for mum, she had been suffering from sinus trouble, but the chilli cured her for quite a while :)
Lovely meal anyway, Great Laksa!
Anyway, the Kids returned, and proceeded to entertain Mum (Nan Wen) for a while.
Lads in bed, mum and I weren't far behind. Mum had the nice spare bed in Rob's room. Rob was stoked!
The next morning Mum had decided to go shopping for the lad's belated chrissy prezzies.
I tagged along. It is a long drawn out affair when it comes to getting boys to choose one toy from a huge selection.... not the way I shop! Too FRUSTRATING!!!
Anyway, I was heading to a wedding that arvo, and mum decided that she wanted to get me a dress for it, instead of me wearing what I had. It was to be my christmas and b'day prezzie. It was nice :)
We eventually dragged the kids out of the shop, and we got mum to pick a charm out for her "pandora" charm bracelet. It was her birthday the following week, and I never knew what to get her!
Anyways, we were about to head home, and my dad rang me on my mobile, wondering where we were. I said we were heading for Hungry Jacks for lunch. He said he'd meet us there.
Now here is a little aside....
My parents have been separated, since I was 4, and divorced not long after that. But amazingly they get on not to bad these days! Cool
They have both repartnered a few times. Dad has new girlfriend, and Mum has just moved interstate to be with her Boyfriend.... Sounds funny when you talk about your parents' boyfriends and girlfriends!
Anyway, I digress...
We had lunch at Jacks, then Dad headed off to do jobs, while we went home.
Then I had to get ready to go to the wedding.
Dad rocked up just as I was about to head.
Dad and Mum were both babysitting my children at the same time, all together!
It was cool and funny as well.

So I went off to the wedding... post a pickie later (if i have permission)

When I returned home, Dad was still there, and all of them were still alive (no-one had throttled anyone!)
Dad and Mum were out the back pergola drinking red wine... so I joined them.
The evening turned into one of great fun for the kids (coz they got to stay up till 10:30) and a time of reminiscing for Mum and Dad.
For me it was something really extra special.
Getting to have the time when i am grown to spend with both my parents at the same time, un-interrupted, with none of their "partners" around, was REALLY SPECIAL . Im choking back tears even now as I remember.
And the other special part of it was that they got to do the Granparents thing with my kids, together.
I know that the afternoon and evening will never be repeated again. So it is a treasure that I will keep in my heart.
Here are a few pics of that time...

Mum went back to Adelaide, and on to Robo.

Dad returned to Beachport, and we followed not long after to do more swimming lessons.

Weekend was over, but the memories remain.

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