2 Feb. 2008

Januarys ramblings in February Part 1

Yeah I know I promised I would post some more about the holidays, and well the holidays are over, so if I dont follow up now then I will just plain forget and it wont happen.

So, let me think, what shall I start with???

Well you know we did the swim thing, and we saw lots of dead things at the beach, but I didnt tell you about the "hen's afternoon tea", the visit from my mum, the wedding, and both my parents in the same house looking after my kids at the same time!!!

The 6th of Jan was a spicy hot day in lil ole Mt G, and the afternoon was full of sweat, sweets, lemon iced water, and the odd cup of mahalia coffee amoungst the noisome banter of women celebrating a cool Chickie's pending marriage the following weekend.

The cool Chickie in question was given an audience of lovely ladies from all ages and wisdoms. Giggles and cackles were aplenty. The three sentences kept amazingly brief by all who told them. The three sentences were for each lady to descibe themselves, without divulging their marriage status nor their paid employment. Was interesting and enlightening for all :D

Then wisdom was shared about marriage and families, by a few. Some words were more witty than wise. Lots of smiles and guffaws were had.

Then came out a special box laden with gifts fit for a bride to be....

Of course the box contained -

something old
something new
something borrowed
something blue

and hence she was dressed....
twas a lovely afternoon had by all.

A word of thanks to the sponsors... :)

The owner of the venue who kindly donated the use of his commercial kitchen fascilities to the brood of hens for the arvo. In lieu of payment the proprietor was treated to, as I understand, a roast dinner painstakingly cooked by a certain Mr L with the subtle supervision of Mrs L.

To the young lass who graciously gave up her "practice" birthday cake to the bride to be, as a "slip sliding" gourmet delight creamed cake addition to the afternoons fare.

To the Wonderful Hostess who donated the "something borrowed" for the occassion.

and of cours a big round of appause for the Lovely Bride-to-be for rising to the occassion and humouring us by actually wearing most of the contents of the box for nearly all the afternoon!!

The holiday tale is to be continued.....

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