8 Feb. 2008


Yeah and it is supposed to be summer!!!!

psst! little secret revealed .... I actually wore a beanie on me head yesterday coz I was chillin tooo much.

I have to take Zac to eye specialist AGAIN! today. Has been a while since I took him there... coz I got sick of the doc doing nothing! and it wasnt doing Zac any good and it was wearing a hole in my patience and my purse.... But I bit the bullet, and made an appointment again.... way back in october!!! and this was the soonest I could get in. btw... for those who dont know. Zac has what they call a squint... But actually he has two lazy eyes... he pics and chooses which eye his is going to look at u with! LOL
Cute really
Im hoping the doc with start "patch therapy" LOL but it may look a bit wierd with the tooth missing as well.. Speaking of teeth... He hit his mouth again last night and came running with his hand over his teeth.... and SIGH OF RELIEF there was no blood. I could tell tho something was a little wrong.... his other tooth.... is loose again... had too many knocks!

So now I am contemplating sending him to the dentist whenI take Rob on the 18th for his YUCK first Filling!!! ARGGHHHH!!!!!

This mother hood stuff is Hard on the Heart and nerves!!!

heres hoping and praying I have the strength and endurance for it all and dont sook at inappropriate moments during all these childhood proceedures and cause children to holla! :D

btw Sean , my number 2 just came in and said "MUM MUM I have Two loose tooths!"
I tried to sound excited but I dont think it worked!

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