15 Feb. 2008

Good morning

Well... I am about to do it..... Im about to do my "school work"

Its gone nine oclock this lovely sunny friday morning. I have just sat down at my desk (I spent sometime last night tidying it up LOL) to open up my first "module" book and read the list of my assessment tasks.... Thought I had better check my emails first, write a quick blurb here, and then get down to business!!!

All went well yesterday at tafe, my contact lecturer happens to be a lady I recognised from when I first moved to the Mount, way back in '91. She used to go to the Uniting Church where my aunt used to go. Mrs Bone (yep that's her name) now goes to East UC. So I have a christian lecturer. The other bonus was that I am the only new student studying from the Mount. the rest are up Adelaide way. So I actually had a one-on-one session yesterday!!! How much did God bless me! He knew how much I was nervous.... even though I was trying desperately to trust Him, so not only does He let me have a one-on-one for my first tafe thingy, but he also gave me a lovely christian lady as mentor! COOL, EHHH!!!!

Oh yeah another thing....

Mrs Bone said that there were 52 positions open this year, and over 360 applicants! Odds were High... But there is no odds to worry about with God. Even though I had put in my preferences for other courses for this year, I really knew that this was the one God wanted me to do. So when I was accepted, even though I was exstatic, I already knew deep down that it was going to happen anyway. God had put the seed in my heart to do this course way back in 2002, just when I had decided to return to Him!!! He closed the door back then.... but opened it wide this time :0)

And the other bonus is that the Government grant I received will cover all the cost of this course!!!!! So I dont need to worry at all about how I am going to pay for it!

God is really Good.... He is able to do far more than we can ever hope or imagine!!!!!

Anyway... I really need to stop this now and get to work!!!

Guten Tag!


  1. what blessings! God is good and it's soooo encouraging to be reminded, isn't it? :)

  2. Great news! God is awesome! Praise Him. He never lets go of us.


  3. Hi Kaz!
    I felt a bit intrusive barging into your blog uninvited until I saw that you already had a link to mine here! Great to see you taking up the challenge of study again! well done! Last year was my first after 15 years and while it is hard work, it is very rewarding. Oh yeah ...and I am one person at least who knows who you mean when talking about Mrs Bone! I've seen her out there a few times myself!