20 Jan. 2008

Where I've been lately...

Hiya :)

The boys and I are just back from our yearly holiday at the beach. Rob and Sean did their swimming lessons in the sea while Zac and I watched. Dad was Generous enuff 2 let out his shed 4 us to stay for nearly 2 weeks. All was good. Boys tired and me tireder (no holiday 4 me - I still had to work, like all mums do).

Boys are at their dad's atm til Sunday arvo.

I spent the day sleeping... slacker I am. Tomorrow is church and then housework... lots of housework ... washing washing and more washing, b4 the lads come back. Just over 1 week b4 school starts back again.

Have great news... I am going back to school too. I was greeted on return from hols with a couple of lovely envelopes. one from SATAC (south australian tertiary admissons centre) and the other from Tafe (Technical and further education) . both were informing me that I was accepted into a course. The course is Certificate III int Education. WOO HOO!

When I complete the course I will be qualified as an SSO (School Support Officer) and will able to get a job!!!

Im excited and nervous and a bit daunted by it... me going back to school! I havnt studied since I was 18! and that is 17 years ago!!!

Dont know when I start but I have an info session on the 14th of Feb.

Also, what is the biggest blessing, I have been accepted to receive a "parents return to work grant"!!! I have funding from the government to the amount of $1200 which almost covers all the cost of the Tafe fees!!!! How cool is that!!! Praise God!!!!!!!!

Plus Zac starts full time Kindy this year, 2nd or third term, depending on a result of a test which he will undergo first term.

so there you have it! Its all happening this year!

I have lots of pics to show you from our time away, amoung other things that have happenned so far this year. Will blog them over the next weeek or two.

Here is a cool pic to start off.... of my lil lads in their springies (wetsuits) just b4 their first swimming lesson.

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