24 Jan. 2008

slugs n snails and puppy dogs tails


Would you believe? that when I had finished posting my last blog, I walked out into the lounge where the boys are watching "ABC Kids" and looked at my boys sitting quietly.
My eyes were drawn to Robbie's head, where there was a strange shiny trail on his forehead and in his hair.... and a snail sitting on top!!!!

Now my boys the last two days have made friends with a number of snails, of which I would prefer in the bin. They have tried sneaking them in little houses into their bedrooms, and not succeeded.

The sight of Rob with the snail trail was a surprise and I did the typical mum thing and cried out -
"Robbie! Get that snail out side and Wash your head and hair!!"

now that I write, the budding photgrapher in me says, I really should've taken a photo first :)

Boys will be boys :)

But dont you love 'em!!

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