22 Jan. 2008

Anti Afluenza....

My Pastor spoke last Sunday about Afluenza. The endless greed and desire for stuff.

When we hunger for stuff of the world. Spending beyond our means. Mistaking our wants for needs.


This is some of what came from the message. I think we all have a dose of Afluenza.... Including myself.


Affluenza Cure-All

Luke 12:15 A man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions!

Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. Store your treasures in Heaven. Only God knows what tomorrow brings.

Possessions are not a measure of who you are

Discern your wants from your needs – toss away the "wants" and trust in the Lord to supply all your needs.

Greed narrows our focus to ourselves as our primary concern. It divides families and friends and disconnects you from the community

God cares even for the sparrows, how much more than does he care for you

Avoid temptation – only shop with a list and stick to it!

Shop fortnightly, and buy only what you need for the following fortnight.

Plan ahead. Do a menu planner

Make all you can with what you already have. Show initiative! Waste not – want not!

Pray for God to change your heart and retrain your mind away from bad habits.

Contrary to popular belief – money does not burn a hole in your wallet, nor does it grow on trees.

Earn it – by treating well what you have, what the Lord has already provided you.

Be thankful always to God for His provisions and His Love for you. Rejoice with God, the church, your family, friends and community.

Do not be selfish. Be rich towards God.

Reorientate yourself to the Bread of Life

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