31 Jan. 2008

Aussie Day is a Good day....

Well Im a bit late posting this one...

Australia Day Jan 26th 2008

is also my boy Sean's Day.

Here is a pic of my Gorgeous young man the day before

playing in the sandpit I had just built for the lads.

He is a sweetie, and stretched like a little bean pole, he is oviously goinng thru a growth spurt.

The boys r back at school. Rob in yr 3 and Sean in yr 1. both came home from school cheerful today, so it must be going well :D

Playgroup starts again next week, and I hope I am organised.... but know I'll forget something! :)

Could write a tonne of stuff but I wont.... sleepy tired me going to bed soon


24 Jan. 2008

slugs n snails and puppy dogs tails


Would you believe? that when I had finished posting my last blog, I walked out into the lounge where the boys are watching "ABC Kids" and looked at my boys sitting quietly.
My eyes were drawn to Robbie's head, where there was a strange shiny trail on his forehead and in his hair.... and a snail sitting on top!!!!

Now my boys the last two days have made friends with a number of snails, of which I would prefer in the bin. They have tried sneaking them in little houses into their bedrooms, and not succeeded.

The sight of Rob with the snail trail was a surprise and I did the typical mum thing and cried out -
"Robbie! Get that snail out side and Wash your head and hair!!"

now that I write, the budding photgrapher in me says, I really should've taken a photo first :)

Boys will be boys :)

But dont you love 'em!!

Life in my home and on my street

the drops of rain fall scattering the dust from my eyes
the cool wind has turned to cold
goosebumps are on my arm
and I run to get a jumper on....

:) that was just a little bit of literary junk for you :)

Home is a great place to be, my home is my castle, and sometimes it is my cave.
No where else do I find a pillow moulded to my head, a quilt accusomed to holding my warmth, a mattress with all the lumps and bumps in just the right places.
No where else do I know exactly where the bathroom is, or what buttons on my microwave and washing machine I must push to make them work.
No where else can I sincerly say is my home.
Even on holidays at a famliy members house, I long to be here in my castle.
No where else can I forget where I put the screwdriver or the scissors, and find comfort in knowing that they will turn up eventually right where I put them... in a "safe" place.
No where else can I leave my bed unmade or my desk scattered, and not feel guilty for making a mess. :)
No where else can I pick up my bible whenever I want or turn the radio on without looking over my shoulder or feeling I am being rude.

This is my home, my castle. My little corner of the earth that God has provided me, blessed me, and given me joy. A simple affair in amoungst the lesser burbs, surrounded by those who are in need of knowing God in His fullness. God has placed me here to be a light shining for him. Lord let my light shine!

My neighbours are an interesting lot.

The south side houses a couple of very worn and toughened blokes with three large dogs for kids. Teeth missing, tattooed and happy to have a home after living in a tent with their dogs for so many years.
House proud these men are with a growing number of pot plants on their porch, and a hope for a vegie patch maybe next year.
They drink too much and smoke too much dope. But they are men with hearts. Compassion you can see within.
They have shown friendship and care for us, caring for my tomato plants and more while I was away on holiday. One of them even hosed my driveway down, swept my pergola and weeded one of my garden beds. A blessing they are. Often they borrow my vaccuum cleaner, or sometimes ask for a bar of soap or some panadol.
They are indeed lovers of dogs, and love my little fellow "Buddy" whom I have yet to blog about. I know they have on occassion when they have seen me a way for a few hours in the day, checked on Buddy in the back yard for me, checked his water and given him a pat or a cuddle.

JD and Gator are what they like to be called.

It is funny sometimes how our past can come back around to meet us.
When they first moved to our district lived in a tent out in the pines, they met up with a bloke I knew from my rebellious binge drinking and motorbikes days.
Dinga is the man's name. A wheelchair bound man who lost the use of his legs when he run with the "Mongrels" (a bikie gang that was around about 30 years ago). He had a bike accident. He drives around in a specifically modified old HQ or HX Holden (cant remember which). He loves gardening, and has previously run his own nursery and mini market garden. He makes his own tomato & chilli sauce, "dinga's sauce" which is famous in some circles. The biggest bushy beard and straggly long hair, HUGE beer gut and pierced nipples!
JD rode off his car while DUI-ing before they moved next door. Now Dinga (JD mistakingly calls him Dingo) drives JD and Gator around a bit. Gator helps Dinga in his garden. Dinga is their wheels and Gator and JD are Dinga's legs.
But anyway, I dont know why Im telling you all this, but I spose I find it interesting, intriguing how God has placed me where I am. Im sure He has His plans, even if is is simply that I have friendly neighbours, and they have a neighbour who loves God, but still accepts them as they are. ??? May God bless them with eyes that can see, ears that can hear and hearts that can be open to Him.

Isnt it funny how you can sit down to write something and something completely different comes out!!

LOVE 2 U All and God's Blessing of Peace, Grace and Mercy, Strength and Endurance be with you all.


22 Jan. 2008

Anti Afluenza....

My Pastor spoke last Sunday about Afluenza. The endless greed and desire for stuff.

When we hunger for stuff of the world. Spending beyond our means. Mistaking our wants for needs.


This is some of what came from the message. I think we all have a dose of Afluenza.... Including myself.


Affluenza Cure-All

Luke 12:15 A man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions!

Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. Store your treasures in Heaven. Only God knows what tomorrow brings.

Possessions are not a measure of who you are

Discern your wants from your needs – toss away the "wants" and trust in the Lord to supply all your needs.

Greed narrows our focus to ourselves as our primary concern. It divides families and friends and disconnects you from the community

God cares even for the sparrows, how much more than does he care for you

Avoid temptation – only shop with a list and stick to it!

Shop fortnightly, and buy only what you need for the following fortnight.

Plan ahead. Do a menu planner

Make all you can with what you already have. Show initiative! Waste not – want not!

Pray for God to change your heart and retrain your mind away from bad habits.

Contrary to popular belief – money does not burn a hole in your wallet, nor does it grow on trees.

Earn it – by treating well what you have, what the Lord has already provided you.

Be thankful always to God for His provisions and His Love for you. Rejoice with God, the church, your family, friends and community.

Do not be selfish. Be rich towards God.

Reorientate yourself to the Bread of Life

20 Jan. 2008

Dead things on the beach

Now you may think Im terribly morbid... like my dad did when he saw these pics...

The seas have been pretty rough of late and a miriad of things have been appearing on the shores along Beachport way...

some were very odd.... hence why I began the photographing of dead things on the beach.

The first of these oddities was a dead rat! The strangest one of all was a fully feathered chook!
Who knows how and why they arrived on the sand, but were indeed dead on the beach.

Also being a mother of boys, as you know, all things strange and gross and wonderful are a sight for boys eyes. Plus, you have to admit... looking at things close up can be quite educational :)

So here is a little slideshow of some of the many pics I took over the last two weeks.

Where I've been lately...

Hiya :)

The boys and I are just back from our yearly holiday at the beach. Rob and Sean did their swimming lessons in the sea while Zac and I watched. Dad was Generous enuff 2 let out his shed 4 us to stay for nearly 2 weeks. All was good. Boys tired and me tireder (no holiday 4 me - I still had to work, like all mums do).

Boys are at their dad's atm til Sunday arvo.

I spent the day sleeping... slacker I am. Tomorrow is church and then housework... lots of housework ... washing washing and more washing, b4 the lads come back. Just over 1 week b4 school starts back again.

Have great news... I am going back to school too. I was greeted on return from hols with a couple of lovely envelopes. one from SATAC (south australian tertiary admissons centre) and the other from Tafe (Technical and further education) . both were informing me that I was accepted into a course. The course is Certificate III int Education. WOO HOO!

When I complete the course I will be qualified as an SSO (School Support Officer) and will able to get a job!!!

Im excited and nervous and a bit daunted by it... me going back to school! I havnt studied since I was 18! and that is 17 years ago!!!

Dont know when I start but I have an info session on the 14th of Feb.

Also, what is the biggest blessing, I have been accepted to receive a "parents return to work grant"!!! I have funding from the government to the amount of $1200 which almost covers all the cost of the Tafe fees!!!! How cool is that!!! Praise God!!!!!!!!

Plus Zac starts full time Kindy this year, 2nd or third term, depending on a result of a test which he will undergo first term.

so there you have it! Its all happening this year!

I have lots of pics to show you from our time away, amoung other things that have happenned so far this year. Will blog them over the next weeek or two.

Here is a cool pic to start off.... of my lil lads in their springies (wetsuits) just b4 their first swimming lesson.

2 Jan. 2008

Fire Fire

number 2 son cooking toast for breaky for his brothers, while i was blogging last post...

house now full of burnt toast smoke and fumes..... URK!!!

exhaust fan working over time.... stinky house!!!!!!!!


MY 100th Post!!!!!

well it has taken over a year but I did it ... I have now officially done 100 posts on blogger!! Cool bananas! :)

and here is a little secret....

Shhh! They'll hear You!

its my birthday today :) and I am now officially half way to 70!

35 today.... does that mean I am middle-aged?????

A friend rang me this morning asking me when my birthday was.... and I giggled .....

Her husband then wished me a happy 21st :D what a great guy! ;0)

well anyway Im off to do all the normal domestic duties that a 35 yo mother of 3 beautiful but sometimes feral boys.

cia later alligator dont forget your toilet paper!