8 Sep. 2008

The Lads Photography Skills.....

The boys' school had a photo comp a couple of weeks ago.

I gave them the camera (tentatively!:D) and they took a few pics each and then chose one each to send to school for the comp.

Here is Seans pic, of the Daffodil that Zac gave me as a bulb in a pot of dirt for mum's day.

and Here is Rob's pic of his favourite pet... our dog buddy.

unfortunately the back yard was a mess and he took the pick through the dirty glass window :D

Alas none were winners, but both were proud of their pics and glad they entered.

more reasons not to....

Something else I came accross....
This guy - Dr Youssef is heard speaking regularly on our local christian radio station. He has a few words to say about that book.... the shack.



1 Sep. 2008

Who do we believe???

Im struck by a big question at the moment...
in regard to the 'florida revival' & Todd Bentley
and 'the shack' by WP Young
here in aussie land I am quite detached from all the controversy going on in america over these to things.
I have however met people who support these things as well as those who disagree.
The internet is a wonder of a source of information these days and Utube is an easy way of gathering info on stuff quickly, but every one expresses the veiws of the authors.
I know the bible says that we should be wary of false teachers ... especially these days
and I fear that this is the case with the above.
But what if Im wrong?
Who do we believe?
God of course! The bible of course!
If what they say or do doesnt line up with scripture...
then take what they say as a grain of salt, not as something to stake your life on!
One important thing is that we dont become obsessed with the things like Todd Bentley and The Shack. But rather our obsession, or our main focus should be Jesus, God, Holy Spirit and the Word of God!

17 Aug. 2008

This one is for new and pending parents.....

A baby's life is a tough one....

Im now officially an Aunt...

My Lil Sis and Bro in law became parents late last monday night....

to a beautiful little princess...

Chloe Amber

She is a pint sized beauty but still manages to give my sis sleepless nights like all bubs do :O)

My lads are really excited about having a cousin!

10 Aug. 2008

Im gonna be an Aunty!!!

Wow!, I have just heard news of My lil sis having to go to hospital tonight to be induced. She is 38 weeks pregnant atm, and has high blood pressure which is why she is getting induced! Please pray for all to go well!
So Michelle & Travis will be officially parents tomorrow, and I will be officially an Aunt!
I think that after having made all my siblings aunts and uncles, its about time one of them made me one! LOL
Michelle is having a baby girl too, which will make the first great grand daughter on my dad's side of the family. There is already 7 great grandsons!
Here is my Beautiful sis and her hubby over here

and here is my beautiful neice 18 weeks ago....

and how even more beautiful she shall be when she is born...

19 Jul. 2008

Car Clean and Curvy not crinkled!

Yay my car is all fixed again... here's to hoping that nothing else will happen to it!
now I just have to get new tyres.... get it serviced.... and tuned... and the valve stems replaced and the muffler replaced and.....

12 Jul. 2008

Update Number TWO

Ok, remember back a couple of months ago.... when I pranged my car.....

and how not long after I got it back as good as new again....

Well....... shit happenned.... and I didnt do it ..... my car was parked and I was well away from it when.... it got backed into!


But accidents happen, and, well, it can be fixed..... again!

I do like my car a lot!.... but not when it is broke!

Update....Numero Uno

You remember way back to my previous post..... seems like a year ago..... but only month since I put in my application for a position at a local primary school.
I think it is now time for me to officially announce what I can now officially announce.....
Praises to God!
When I received the phone call "We would like to offer you the position...." my reply was "Really?!!" and then I of course replied shortly after with "I would like to accept the offer".
I was in shock....dazed a little.... and mostly all whom I told (secretly with a "Shhhh!" as I wasnt allowed to announce for a while, for various reasons) said that they knew I would get it, that there was never any doubt!.... They obivously arent "doubting Thomases".... me - I don't doubt God.... just my own interpretations of things at times.... don't we all?
..... Anyway
I have already been to Adelaide for training, (while my dad was generous in offering his skills as grandson minding, looking after my boys).
I have been home for over a week, and am waiting now, for school term 3 to commence, for Government funding (so I will get paid) and for all the official paperwork to have its "T's" crossed and it's "I's" dotted.....
Hopefully..... providing the above is done in time..... I will commence employment on Tues 22nd of July.
Im excited, nervous, and cant wait to see what God has in store..... He obviously wanted me to have the job... now is to go on the Journey ..... so I can be His hands and feet and face at the school..... It is a humbling experience just thinking about it!
So if you are a prayer to Jesus, please pray for me that I will be open completely to God's guidance and always be a willing instrument for Him.

God is Good all the Time!
He put a song of Praise in this Heart of mine.
God is Good All the time!
Through the darkest night, His light will shine!
God is Good, God is Good All the time!

22 Jun. 2008

Tomorrow is J.I. day....

J. I. as in Job Interview (not the indonesian terrorist group!)
Yep it has now been about 11 years since my last job interview and tomorrow I face another one.
I am excited and nervous all at once.
God, I know, has it all worked out, of course! But me, well..... Im very positive, but not counting my chickens.... or my ducks, as a friend said to me today.
She told me to 'pretend that Im not nervous at all', and told me the story a lecturer told her once. Ducks look calm, and dont appear to be doing much when they are swimming in the water, but underneath the surface their little feet are going berzerk paddling.
You gotta smile at that one!
I have been short listed for a position
(formerly called Chaplain)
at a local primary school.
Its at 2pm ....... and Im hoping that I will find out good news by tuesday......
But for now, I must breath deep, trust God, and try to have a good nights sleep tonight.....
"good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite, see you in the morning chooky"
as my mummy used to say ;O)

17 May 2008


Just to let you know, I have my car back! I have had it back for a week now, and its looking good! and goes good too! It is good to be driving again.

29 Apr. 2008

Pictures of Here...

Our Volcano

The Blue Lake on a Still Day

Reflections in Blue & Green

In the Valley

Centenary Tower

28 Apr. 2008



Ummmm Errr, Yesterday on the way home from church, I kinda pranged my car into a lovely white holden 4x4! The 4wd fared quite well, as did all peoples involved (no injuries, except to my pride!)The boys were in the back seat and werent fazed at all, it seemed! They probably thought "COOL!"anyways... I managed to get it back home before all the radiator fluid ran out.The car doesnt look too bad, considering what it could have looked like. Luckily the other car swerved and didnt t-bone us!The front apron is all bent, the centre upright has been stoved right in and punctured the radiator, the grill, bumper and number plate are stuffed and the bonnet bent. The car isnt drivable anymore due to the radiator.Sooo I called the insurance mob, and they sent a tow truck to pick it up and take it to the crash repairs for assessment.Now I am waiting to find out if they will fix it or write it off....

25 Apr. 2008

A Note to all Single Women!

This is a suggestion.... perhaps one that should be an unwritten law....
if you are a chick that isnt currently being swept of her feet by prince charming or somebody dressed like him.... then please, unless you want to wake up the next morning with puffy eyes and a pile of used tissues....
Stay away from, and avoid at all costs..... romantic chic flicks!!!!!
After watching another fairy-tale-ish chick flick... as the only other stuff on the box was footy and murder mystery and seriously inapropriate SBS shows....
I now wish i had pressed the little button at the bottom of the screen and curled up with a book... or just plain gone to sleep!!!
oh well...
Note to self - turn the tv off!


24 Apr. 2008

Bittersweet Victory!

At the moment here where I live, we are apparently having a mouse plague!
I discovered I indeed had a mouse, last week, as I saw it run across the rug at the front door, then to see it poke its cheeky little nose out from behind the bookcase.
Horror upon horrors - I couldnt find any mousetraps at the time! I think I might have chucked them when I moved house... which was real silly as they were the ones that really work, and expensive too!
so last week I bought 6 mouse traps from Bunnings, took them home and set them up, promptly banning Buddy our dog from comming in while I had them set up... poor Buddy!
the next day.... the mouse traps were empty.... but not just no mouse.... no food either! The mouse was a cheeky one, either that or the traps I had bought were dodgy!!! I tried again that night... adjusting mousetraps... gently carefully.... changing the bait to peanut butter....but alas... not a single bit of luck that night.
So then began the hunt all over town for traps... the good ones that work! Alas... Kmart, Woollies, Fishers, Banner, Coles.... no luck... in the end I gave up and bought some plastic versions of the classic wooden style... hoping.....hoping they would work....
That morning Rob had declared he had seen a mouse in his room, and I had heard a mouse (or mouses!) rummaging around in my ceiling above my head this morning while I lay in bed!..... so I had Declared WAR!
Yesterday after more foodless mouseless traps.... I had almost given up the fight in frustration... hoping that someone somewhere would get some more "mouse traps that really worked" in!
Yesterday afternoon.... as a last resort.... I visited the only decent place in town that I hadnt previously visited.....
Mitre 10..... I went "WOO HOO" when I discovered they had the "sure-safe" mousetraps in.... not just in, but abundantly stocked.... I managed to contain my joy enough to not actually dance a jug around the aile all the way to the checkout... but I proclaimed joyfully and thankfully to the checkout attendant that I was soooooo glad! that they had the good ones in! (I worked out I had then spent nearly $20 on mousetraps!!!).
So with relief I exited the store... and we travelled home and immediately set the new traps!
I awoke 20 minutes ago now.... to squeaking.... I lay there praying "please Lord let it die, so I dont have to deal with a trapped but alive mouse!"
But the Lord was teaching me resiliance! and perseverance, and how to not be a complete woose when it comes to tiny creatures that go bump in the night!
I had to get out of bed, not only because I dont think I wouldve been able to sleep with the racked it was making.... running around banging the mousetrap on furniture and other stuff while squeaking in pain!!!
I suddenly had a brain wave as I was venturing to turn the dining room light on..... BUDDY!!! Terriers are supposed to be good rodent killers.... well they go rabbiting dont they!
So I flicked the switch... and saw this tiny little furry thing with a cute nose and its leg caught in the trap..... frightened and in pain!.... what should I do???
I Took a deep breath and went and let the dog in... who immediately barked for a game, but then was too much of a woose to get to close to the noisey furry thing!!!!
Oh dear!! Now I really had to deal with it!.... I contemplated hitting it over the head with a hammer... but my stomach told me NO!! and I cringed at the thought! I looked around.... not a thing to catch it with.... then I spotted the empty 3L plastic milk bottle that was waiting to go in the recycle bin..... Maybe I could catch it in there put the lid on and stick it in the bin... but then I realised that it would probably eat through the bottle and escape.
Then I did what any single woman with no idea would do.... I sat down on a chair next to the little trapped mouse.... I took the lid off the milk bottle and stuck the end over the mouse.... I dont know what I expected that to do... but the mouse copped the dregs of milk... and ended up wet.... then I called the dog over.... and tried to get him to look at it and realise it was food and fun..... but Buddy is definately a woose!
I sighed and taking care to not think at all about what I was about to do.... I pushed down on the end of the milk bottle, over the mouse..... holding it... praying that it would die quickly....
After a minute I took away the bottle.... and regretably looked at the poor limp thing... but I took a breath.... straightened my back and my resolve. and picked up the trap - mouse and all, and took it out the back door, calling buddy with me.... I released it into buddy's bowl, and promptly came back inside and closed the door....
trying not to think about it anymore....
then I reset the trap,
and thought "what a bittersweet victory that was!"
but one down.... how many more to go???
and now I am about to crawl back into bed!
sleep tite dont let the bed bugs bite!!!!

22 Apr. 2008

Another email from a friend......

I was sent these words from a song....
(I dont know the title or the author)

I have a Maker,
He formed my heart.
Before even time began
My life was in His hand.

He knows my name,
He knows my every thought,
He sees each tear that falls,
And hears me when I call.

I have a Father,
He calls me His own.
He'll never leave me,
No matter where I go.

a snippet from an email.... and some

A friend sent me this today.....

Like you, I am a human being filled with joys, fears,frustrations, and hopes. And, like you, I want to beunderstood, accepted, and appreciated.-- Eric Harvey and Steve Ventura

How True this is of all of us, even if we wont admit it openly, deep down there is the feelings and longings for the above.
What makes us different is how we deal with it all.

For some of us life is.... "slow and steady wins the race"

but for others, life can be like a rollercoaster full of so many highs and lows.... where there is a real deep cry, longing, for a smooth, level, gentle pace, and rest.

Rest, rest for our soul, a chill session for our mind and spirit, oh what wonderful bliss that is.

The rest I find only at Jesus' feet. Curled up, asleep, dreaming of Glory, walking with Him, kneeling at His feet, hearing Him speak... and sometimes, washing His feet with my tears and drying them with my hair.

20 Apr. 2008


Our hearts are silly things at times. They dont always do what our heads tell them to do. They sometimes run off and get their hopes up, only get left behind. Then they are heavy, so heavy to cart around. And they force tears to well up and fall, and leave an ache in your throat, and thunder in your ears.

19 Apr. 2008


Have you ever wondered....
when you have put your foot in it....
How exactly do you get it out????

A little blue book, a friend, and me....

Today I share this at a Gideons Auxillary Luncheon....

It wasn’t a thunderbolt or the hit over the head with a bible that brought me back to God.
It was indeed the Holy Spirit and the quiet witness of a lady, and others at a Baptist Church outreach program.
I had spent the last number of years in very loud rebellion from God, but I was also digging a very large hole for myself. I was lost, very lost, but strangely found comfort in being around the Christian ladies at the community activities held by the church.
In the third term of Hi-Time in 2002, I ended up in a creative writing class with Mrs E, another Christian lady and a number of non-Christians. The “teacher” who wasn’t Christian and I were struggling deeply in our personal lives but mostly put on brave faces.
Occasionally it was just Mrs E, the teacher and I at the class and we found ourselves sharing some of our personal struggles with her. She seemed to have wise counsel.
The last day of the term was a tough one. The teacher had to leave early to be at home. So it was just Mrs E and I.
My memory is not as good as I would like it, a legacy from my years of rebellion. But I do clearly remember the two of us sitting down at a table quietly in a little room.
In discussion with her I realised that my life was quite a mess, and it wasn’t about to get better any time soon, the way I was going.
I also realised I had to get real with God and stop shunning Him from my life.
Mrs E pulled out a little Gideon’s Testament and started pointing out some scriptures to me. Then she prayed with me. I asked God for forgiveness for my rebellion against him and asked him to be in my life again, and I re-dedicated my life to Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.
I was SO Happy; it was like a Huge weight had been lifted off me!
I was fearful of what my non-Christian husband would say, but knew that God in my life was more important than anything else!
I also knew I needed to show my children God, because if I didn’t, who would?
I was given the little Gideon’s Bible to take home.
I still have the little blue book today, or rather my eldest son does. Robbie has taken quite a lot of enjoyment from it. He loves reading the John 3:16 verse at the front and the translations! He also has used the little helps as well.
For a long time he has carted it around with him, like a treasure. Now my middle son has his own little Gideon’s Bible that I found for him at a second hand store.
Sean too carts his around like a treasure, even though he is just learning to read. He occasionally asks me to read something for him.
I am sure there is some novelty in that they are the right size for their small hands. The fact they know what the little book contains... the Words of God, and they treat them like treasure, as indeed the little books hold within treasures for life, is great.
The bibles are a gift in our home, and I hope the pleasure my children find in holding God’s Word in their hands and in their hearts stays with them forever.
Maybe one day, when they are grown, they will cart them around in the back pocket of their jeans and read them to someone as Mrs E did to me.

It has been five and a half years since that day. Many things have happened since then.
The day after my decision, I told my Husband that I wanted to start going to church. He was not happy. So, for a while I didn’t attend normal church services, I only attended a House church.
After the Christmas holiday recess for house church, I was really struggling; I felt I was starving from lack of teaching and fellowship. My mum (a Christian, and married to an unbeliever at the time), encouraged me to make a stand and go to church. I was a bit hesitant, but knew I needed the fellowship, so I went.
Although my husband wasn’t happy with it, he didn’t stop me. He did not stop me from taking the kids either. It wasn’t easy taking two littlies to church on my own, but I was welcomed and cared for.

I believe I was on the verge of a breakdown before I gave my heart back to God. I secretly went to a counsellor who tried to encourage me to have a holiday at Glenside, and go on medication. I knew I couldn’t do that. But I was on the verge of giving up on my marriage and at times of giving up on my life. Through all of the turmoil within me, my husband was oblivious.
It was God that stopped me giving up. He stopped me, and He lifted me up from the dark hole I was in.
I praise God that he placed Mrs E in the right place at the right time, to lead me back to Him.
I had worried initially that my “getting religion” would really end my marriage.
But in reality, I know that God sustained my marriage for the following two years. God also blessed us with another son in that time.
I tried hard not to push God in my husband’s face. I was careful not to leave my bible around and tried to make sure that Radio Rhema wasn’t playing when he got home from work. Sometimes though He would come home unexpectedly.
He grew increasingly discontent with my Faith in God. It became harder to be around each other. Near the end, He said he was leaving, but he changed his mind the next day. I was an emotional mess. A month passed and my husband declared that our marriage was over and didn’t love me anymore as he said I wasn’t the woman that he had married. He moved out a week later. It was 10 days before Christmas 2005.
My husband blames God for our marriage ending.
I don’t blame God,
I thank God for the extra years that He gave us, and for our three sons.
The road has been tough since then, but now there are no more arguments, I can talk openly with my children about Jesus and I can read the bible without fear of angry words.
My children are content, and they see their dad often. Their dad and I are now on good speaking terms. He has re-partnered, and God has shown me that my children can be a blessing to his fiancé who cannot have children of her own.
I have accepted my life as it is now.
I have a deep joy that no sorrows of this world can take away.
Before God filled me anew, I was empty, rotten and took pleasure in cursing His Name to all I knew.
Now all that I am is because of Him, for if not for Him, I would have taken my life.
He is the reason I live, and every day is a surprise.
I am amazed how God guides me into things.
I have found that God turns my cant’s into can’s.
For the past two years I have run the church playgroup, which is a miracle that God convinced me in doing it!
I love the journey I am on with God, God has given me His deep strength to through all the valleys.... He has carried me or held my hand all this way.
I cry in public and laugh out loud now more than I ever did for Jesus has broken down walls.
But for all the heartache, I wouldn’t trade this life I have with Jesus, for all the whole world.
His Word he has planted in me, as the lamp to my feet and the light to my path.

I want to encourage Gideons to not give-up, or be disheartened from giving out God’s Word.
We don’t know how and when God will use the bibles Gideons give, to bring someone into His Kingdom, or how many of that someone’s generations to follow will come to know Jesus, like my own kids.
Remember His Word never returns to Him void.

Have you ever been given a bible from Gideons? Did you put it on the shelf, throw it in the bin or did you read it?

If you have a story to tell because of the gift of a little Gideons bible, why dont you let them know, as they would love to hear your story.

If you would like to know more about Gideons International.... you can find them here....

17 Apr. 2008

Beachport Rock Cod population down.....

Zac with his trophy fish... first catch of the day
and his first fish ever!

Rob with his First ever Catch

Sean with His first Ever Fish

The Trio.... relaxed an cruising home after a hard days fishing

Chief Boat operator.... My Dad

Fun Had by all, except for the sad and sorry seven Rock-Cod who are destined for the freezer, in waiting for next summer's cray season..... as bait.

13 Apr. 2008

Songs of Heart

Today A friend sang a song, which I hold close to my heart.
He sang it from his own heart, and caused my tears to fall.

the song.... "Praise You In The Storm" by Casting Crowns.


We praise Him as He carries us!

1 Apr. 2008

One Family One Body One Friend

We are family, as we are the family of God.
We are a body, as we are the body of Christ, and Christ himself is the Head.

But right now we are a family in mourning, our hearts cry out as one body for the death of a Brother.

We grieve not just for the death of Stephen, but we also grieve for each other, our brothers and sisters who are laden with sorrow. We cry out loudly in pain and let tears fall in roaring silence, but we carry each other. It is Compassion. It is Love. It is who and what we are, being and doing as God designed us to do.

Not one of us though grieves alone, for even in moments of solitude Jesus is weeping with us, just as He wept with the mourners of Lazarus. Full of compassion, beyond any measure we hold, Jesus is Being with us as we grieve.

Some of us cry out with WHY? Hurt and anger have mixed with tears, demanding from God the reason. But we don’t hear the answer, at least not now.

We have hope, in the Word of God, we clasp verses in our hearts,
like Romans 8:28 "everything works together for the good to everybody who loves God and is called according to his purpose"
and Proverbs 3:5-6 “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path”

We remember Job in his suffering, David with all his heart cries to God and Paul with his perseverance.

But we also remember Lazarus, whom Jesus resurrected, and the young boy, the widows son, that Elijah breathed on and God made alive. And we question.... why then and not now? Why didn’t God bring Stephen back? We know He could’ve if He wanted to.

It was Easter Sunday when Stephen died, and we know that Easter Sunday is when we celebrate new life, and the resurrection of Jesus! It seems like a cruel joke. But it is not a cruel joke, it just is how this chapter of life has gone.

But why must we see it all in black and white? Why do we always expect God to do it our way, the way we want Him to? I know I expected Stephen to walk out of the bush anytime... I hoped and prayed he would. I thought, “Hey God, this is Easter, what better time for a miracle!”

But God says to us clearly in Isaiah 58:8-9
For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.

And we know that For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven Ecclesiastes 3:1, but we as yet find little comfort. Little comfort except the greatest news of all, through this whole journey...

We know that Lazarus and the widow’s son were brought to life again, and we know that God also took Enoch and Elijah up to live with Him, without their facing death. We know that every day early Christians faced death, and were not delivered of the pain of it, but found eternal life with Jesus on the other side of death.

These weren’t the paths that Stephen took. God didn’t perform a miracle and breathe life back into his body, God didn’t take him up through the clouds, God did not make him face a stoning or lion.
Stephen’s body just died, and he breathed no more.

But like the dry bones in the desert, God breathed Eternity into Stephen’s spirit, and we are now assured that Stephen is now also walking with God.

So God didn’t do what we wanted or expected Him to, and our eyes may not see the goodness or rightness or reason in it, but still we place our Hope, Faith and Trust is in the Lord. The Lord is sovereign, true and righteous, and He does not abandon those who love Him to the grave. He is faithful and He will fulfil His promises to those who love Him.

John 14:1-6 tells us that Jesus has prepared a place for us all who trust in Him:
“Do not let your heart be troubled.
Trust in God, trust also in Me.
In My Fathers House there are many rooms,
if it were not so I would have told you.
I’m going to prepare a place for you,
and if I go and prepare a place for you,
I will come back and take you to be with me,
so you may also be where I am.
You know the Way to the place where I am going.”
Thomas said to him, "Lord, we don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way?" Jesus answered, I am the way (highway) and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me"

Stephen believed with all his being that Jesus is whom He says He is!

So Stephen is dwelling now in Our Father’s house.

One day we will all meet him and Jesus there.

And we’ll chuck a big party with streamers and balloons, and eat cheesecake and play with spoons.

But for now we grieve, for that is what we must do,
and we will celebrate all our memories of him,
and we will dance too, one day again,
but with the memories of him still in our hearts,
smiles and tears,
until eternity when we are all reunited under the SON.

30 Mar. 2008

Where is my home?

Recently I blurted out a comment to two friends, something along the lines of:
"I would leave Mount Gambier in a flash"
A comment I received then was something like:
"not too soon I hope"

I didnt give much of an answer then, but have pondered over the comment I made.

It is not that I hate Mount Gambier, it is just that I dont feel like it is my home.
Then I think, well, where is my home?
I cant answer.
I cant think of anywhere that I have lived in my 35 years as being my home.
I have lived in soooo many places, but Mount Gambier is the town that I have lived the longest.

I realised that in reality my home is not here.

The oft said quote is "home is where the heart is"
and my heart is with my boys, and we are here,
but still there is no contentment here.

I dont mean that I am not happy here, I guess I see here as only where God wants me to be at the moment.

Is it my legs that are restless? Is it because I spent most of my growing years moving from one town and parent to another? Is it because it feels inbuilt in me to not stay anywhere too long and I have an unconscious need to keep moving?

No I have thought well about it...

I know my home is in eternity with God, in the house that Jesus has prepared in advance for me to dwell in with Him, when He comes back to take me to be with Him.

So my home is where my heart is, and my heart is with Jesus, and Jesus is in Heaven, sitting at the right hand of God my Heavenly Father.

And at this very moment, with all my little spastic emotions running riot, I am longing very much to be with my Heavenly Father, so I can sit on His knee and cry.

But then, will there be any tears in heaven?
Maybe only tears of Joy!

For now though, I think my God has other plans for me, no doubt to continue what I have started, and be the Mother to my Boys who are the sunshine in my days.

26 Mar. 2008

Memories of times
are treasures to share
smiles to pass on
and a blessing in
a time of loss
may we celebrate a life
and praise
God for eternity!
and the
treasure that awaits
in Heaven
when one day
we will all
and the only tears
will be
tears of joy

18 Mar. 2008


Guess what!!!???
I put in my first set of assignments at TAFE today....
I got the results back already!!!
I passed.... I got an official "pass achieve"
but I got an unofficial
"FANTASTIC! Well Done, can I keep a copy on file?" from my lecturer!
and there was I thinking I would get it handed back to me
and told "try again!"
I am sooo relieved!
Only thing now.... I have already got the next three sets of assignments to do!
I should do the head down.... bum up thingy!

16 Mar. 2008


Imagine what Jesus may have been thinking as He rode into Jerusalem that day..... surrounded by people..... knowing what they were expecting of Him..... knowing what lay ahead of Him in the week that would follow....

something to ponder....

People think of you
a lot less
than you think they do

God thinks of you
a lot more
than you think He does

1 Mar. 2008

Mr & Mrs W's Wedding

Last Sunday was a cool day... not particularly cold or hot, but cool as in "COOL MAN!"

Last Sunday was the first day in my Lil' Sis's and Bro'-in-law's Married Life!

They got hitched, tied the knot, swapped rings and KISSES (of course!) and basically did what many have done before.... They Committed to each other, they made a covenant with each other to Love and Cherish and be with each other for the rest of their lives!

Heavy Duty COOL Stuff!

Twas a quiet affair, but happy, nervous, and all behaved well ;o)

Bride was Beautiful (of course!) and Groom was Dashing! All well composed.... just holding back the soggy stuff that runs down cheeks.... me.... well I let go of a few drops.... couldnt help it!

Any ways.... without further ado

applause for the happy couple..... about to do the honeymoon thingy where it is warmer and noisier and supposedly sunnier..... up the sunny coast where the worlds are whirring and loud and wet....

Here is a pic

or two

Now is that Happy or what?!!!

My Beautiful Sister

Eternity or bust

Look up

Live true

No sideways glance

Focused view

Eyes on the prize

Ushered in the throng

Crowning after

Confessing wrong


Sparkle instead of glass

My Lord is coming

By Best Class

Fire flames

Burn up the sky

Praising His Names

I can't be shy

Lightning bolts

Blow my sins to dust

Hand outstretched

In God I trust


Drops falling

Whispering sadness

Touching despair

Memories gone

Of yesteryear


Says she


Will come




You said "Ask and it will be given to you"

But Lord what right do I have to ask?

I don't deserve a thing

I cannot earn what you give

It cannot be bought

And surely what you have given me is enough

So much enough, that I should be satisfied


And not be forever asking

"please sir, can I have some more!"

But how do I stop my heart from yearning

How and when will this ache within me


I know I must trust

But Dare I ask?

O r do I just wait

For eternity to arrive?

16 Feb. 2008

PLEASE Check this out!

There is this cool dude over here.....


who has been inspired and creative enuff to do this....


I recon it is a great idea.... linking Gods Aussie Family accross the miles and miles of this great continent!
So dont be shy.... register.... and pass the word on!

15 Feb. 2008

Good morning

Well... I am about to do it..... Im about to do my "school work"

Its gone nine oclock this lovely sunny friday morning. I have just sat down at my desk (I spent sometime last night tidying it up LOL) to open up my first "module" book and read the list of my assessment tasks.... Thought I had better check my emails first, write a quick blurb here, and then get down to business!!!

All went well yesterday at tafe, my contact lecturer happens to be a lady I recognised from when I first moved to the Mount, way back in '91. She used to go to the Uniting Church where my aunt used to go. Mrs Bone (yep that's her name) now goes to East UC. So I have a christian lecturer. The other bonus was that I am the only new student studying from the Mount. the rest are up Adelaide way. So I actually had a one-on-one session yesterday!!! How much did God bless me! He knew how much I was nervous.... even though I was trying desperately to trust Him, so not only does He let me have a one-on-one for my first tafe thingy, but he also gave me a lovely christian lady as mentor! COOL, EHHH!!!!

Oh yeah another thing....

Mrs Bone said that there were 52 positions open this year, and over 360 applicants! Odds were High... But there is no odds to worry about with God. Even though I had put in my preferences for other courses for this year, I really knew that this was the one God wanted me to do. So when I was accepted, even though I was exstatic, I already knew deep down that it was going to happen anyway. God had put the seed in my heart to do this course way back in 2002, just when I had decided to return to Him!!! He closed the door back then.... but opened it wide this time :0)

And the other bonus is that the Government grant I received will cover all the cost of this course!!!!! So I dont need to worry at all about how I am going to pay for it!

God is really Good.... He is able to do far more than we can ever hope or imagine!!!!!

Anyway... I really need to stop this now and get to work!!!

Guten Tag!

13 Feb. 2008

TAFE is looming.....

2 morrow will end my 17 year studying drought!
2 morrow is the day I go to TAFE and find out exactly what is happening in the course I am doing. I have been twiddling my thumbs since the 18th of Jan when I found out I was accepted into the course! I have really not much of an idea of what is involved with the course, but I do know beyond any doubt that this is what God intends for me to do! Tis COOL!
So If i get a moment or two tomorrow evening, I will update you on my update! :oD
My friend Janine has been generous enough to look after Zac while I am at tafe.... for 3 hours.
The course is an external course, but there are lectures that they advise you attend.... Im kinda hoping that none of the lectures are tuesday morning, so they dont clash with the running of playgroup! But GOD will sort it!
Anyway, thats all from me 2nite.... Im in for an early night of catching zzzz's!

12 Feb. 2008

Unforgiveness breeds orphans

Unforgiveness runs riot through my family.

There are rifts everywhere.

But tonight my heart aches because someone in my family can not forgive his parents.
Tonight I was rang, and informed clearly that he no longer wants to have anything to do with his parents ever. This I know is not a passing faze.
He now considers himself an orphan. He has told me clearly that he doesnt want to know anything about them ever again, and has informed me that if they ask me how he is that I am to say "I don't know". That I am to lie for him. That I am to deny them anything of their son, even if they still love him.
Ok hurt things have been done both ways, but for it to come so this it is very sad.

I barely spoke during the conversation. I couldn't say anything.
Even when he informed me that he will still go their funeral, but only to make sure that they are dead!
I could say nothing.
I know that there is no point.
His stubborness and unforgiveness is impenetrable.
Only Jesus can break through it.

It breaks my heart to see the family disintegrating like this.
It is almost becoming unbearable at times to be around this person, because of their attitude at times, but I have no choice. To me he is family. And family is important.

More than ever I am confronted with the need to really love someone, despite what they do or say.

I dont want to become a person with an orphan attitude.

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is not jealous or envious
Love is never boastful or proud
Love is never haughty or selfish or rude
Love doesnt demand its own way.
It is not irritable or touchy
Love is not easily angered
Love does not hold grudges
Love is never glad about injustices or evil
but Love rejoices whenever truth wins out.
Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails... it goes on forever!

If you love someone you will be loyal to him no matter what the cost.
You will always believe in him, always expect the best of him, and always stand your ground defending him. 1 cor 13:7 LB

The above verse is a tough one, but as Jesus loves me unconditionally, let me love unconditionally.

Something else I found....

A well known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a $20 bill. In the room of 200, he asked. "Who would like this $20 bill?"
Hands started going up. He said, "I am going to give this $20 to one of you but first, let me do this."
He proceeded to crumple the 20 dollar note up. He then asked. "Who still wants it?" Still the hands were up in the air.
"Well," he replied, "what if I do this?" He dropped it on the ground and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty. "Now, who still wants it?"
Still the hands went into the air.
"My friends, you have all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value. It was still worth $20. Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We feel as though we are worthless; but no matter what happened or what will happen, you will never lose your value.
Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, you are still priceless to those who love you. The worth of our lives comes, not in what we do or who we know, but by ...WHO WE ARE.
You are special - don't ever forget it."

Author unknown

A poem I found to share....


I did not know His Love before, the way I know it now.
I could not see my need for Him, my pride would not allow.
I had it all, without a care, the "Self-sufficient" lie.
My path was smooth, my sea was still, not a cloud was in my sky.

I thought I knew His Love for me, I thought I'd seen His Grace,
I thought I did not need to grow, I thought I'd found my place.
But then the way grew rough and dark, the storm clouds quickly rolled;
The waves began to rock my ship, my anchor would not hold.

The ship that I had built myself was made of foolish pride.
It fell apart and left me bare, with nowhere else to hide.
I had no strength or faith to face the trials that lay ahead,
And so I simply prayed to Him and bowed my weary head.

His Loving Arms enveloped me, and then He Helped me stand.
He Said, "You still must face this storm, but I Will Hold your hand."
So through the dark and lonely night He Guided me through pain.
I could not see the light of day or when the storm might wane.

Yet through the aches and endless tears, my faith began to grow.
I could not see it at the time, but my light began to glow.
I saw God's Love in brand new light, His Grace and Mercy, too.
For only when all self was gone could Jesus' Love Shine through.

It was not easy in the storm, I sometimes wondered, "Why?"
At times I thought, "I can't go on." I'd hurt, and doubt, and cry.
But Jesus Never left my side; He guided me each day.
Through pain and strife, through fire and flood, He helped me all the way.

And now I see as never before how great His Love can be.
How in my weakness He is Strong, how Jesus cares for me!
He worked it all out for my good, although the way was rough.
He only sent what I could bear, and then He cried, "Enough!"

He raised His hand and Said, "Be still!" He made the storm clouds cease.
He Opened up the gates of joy and flooded me with peace.
I saw His Face now clearer still, I felt His Presence strong,
I found anew His Faithfulness, He never did me wrong.

Now I know more storms will come, but only for my good,
For pain and tears have helped me grow as naught else ever could.
I still have so much more to learn as Jesus Works in me;
If in the storm I'll love Him more, that's where I want to be!

~Author Unknown~

10 Feb. 2008

I-I-I Just Gotta .... I just gotta tell you this one....

A real laugh out loud moment, but also a moment when laughing inside could be better employed.

Innocent exclaimation / comment from Rob....

Just put "Storm Boy" dvd on for the lads to watch... Rob has just read the book.

As I was walking out of the kitchen... I hear -

"Hey Mum! Storm Boy just found an Ipod!"



um for those of you unimformed as to what exactly Storm Boy is ..... Here is a link to follow...


Anyway I had to "very briefly, while holding in a guffaw" explain to Rob that they didnt have Ipods back then. What Storm Boy had found was - an old instamatic camera LOL

hope you had a giggle too!!!

9 Feb. 2008

A wintry photo in summer....

No this photo wasnt taken in summer... it was taken last year near the end of winter....

I was asked if I had a wintry photo to share... For those in the northern hemisphere are a whole half a year BEHIND ;) us in seasons.

So here is a crispy wintry morning pic.

C S Lewis on Love

I read this today at Grace Alley
It made me go: "hmmmmm"

"There is no safe investment.
To love at all is to be vulnerable.
Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly broken.
If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even an animal.
Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness.
But in that casket- safe, dark, motionless, airless- it will change.
It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable.
The alternative to tragedy, or at least to the risk of tragedy, is damnation.
The only place outside of Heaven where you can be perfectly safe from all the dangers and perturbations of love is Hell"

8 Feb. 2008


Yep it is apparently National Cuddle Day today.

Probably just another piece of clever marketing.....
But I suppose any excuse to spread some Hugs, Love and Comfort around is OK

Here is the official link to the official site:

And you can send a "virtual cuddle" via this link....


But Otherwise, you can always Give someone a real HUG in person!!!!!

My Nanna always said to me .....

Everyone needs at least four Hugs a day!

and she would often ask.... have you had your hugs today???

Go find a Hug, and give it away!


Yeah and it is supposed to be summer!!!!

psst! little secret revealed .... I actually wore a beanie on me head yesterday coz I was chillin tooo much.

I have to take Zac to eye specialist AGAIN! today. Has been a while since I took him there... coz I got sick of the doc doing nothing! and it wasnt doing Zac any good and it was wearing a hole in my patience and my purse.... But I bit the bullet, and made an appointment again.... way back in october!!! and this was the soonest I could get in. btw... for those who dont know. Zac has what they call a squint... But actually he has two lazy eyes... he pics and chooses which eye his is going to look at u with! LOL
Cute really
Im hoping the doc with start "patch therapy" LOL but it may look a bit wierd with the tooth missing as well.. Speaking of teeth... He hit his mouth again last night and came running with his hand over his teeth.... and SIGH OF RELIEF there was no blood. I could tell tho something was a little wrong.... his other tooth.... is loose again... had too many knocks!

So now I am contemplating sending him to the dentist whenI take Rob on the 18th for his YUCK first Filling!!! ARGGHHHH!!!!!

This mother hood stuff is Hard on the Heart and nerves!!!

heres hoping and praying I have the strength and endurance for it all and dont sook at inappropriate moments during all these childhood proceedures and cause children to holla! :D

btw Sean , my number 2 just came in and said "MUM MUM I have Two loose tooths!"
I tried to sound excited but I dont think it worked!

7 Feb. 2008

Some quotes to ponder... remember... or forget :)

I am reading one of the half a tonne of books I own....
Just because I can read.... LOL
And I am reading
spits and spurts of bits n pieces of rubbish and rubies....
here is a few:

A cynic is someone who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin. H. L. Mencken

We hand folks over to God's mercy, and show none ourselves. George Elliot

I take the view, and always have done, that if you cannot say what you have to say in twenty minutes, you should go away and write a book about it. Lord Brabazon of Tara

Everyone is a bore to someone. That is unimportant. The thing to avoid is being a bore to oneself. Gerald Brenan

An athiest is a man who has no invisible means of support. John Buchan

If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life. Cher

When it comes, will it come without warning
Just as I am picking my nose?
Will it knock on my door in the morning,
or tread in the bus on my toes?
Will its greeting be courteous or rough?
Will it alter my life altogether?
O tell me the truth about love. W. H. Auden

There are times when parenthood seems nothing but feeding the mouth that bites you. Peter De Vries

The human race is faced with a cruel choice: work or daytime television. Anon.

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Isaac Newton

Quotation is a servicable substitute for wit. Oscar Wilde

I will not bore you anymore.

The Word For the Day.... God's Word Reiterated!

From the WFT:

Overcome your past
"Forgetting those things which are behind."
Philippians 3:13
It is impossible to succeed in life without overcoming your past. When the great Ignacy Jan Paderewski first started to study piano, his teacher told him that his hands were too small to master the keyboard. Yet the fire in his soul drove him to become a world-renowned pianist. When Enrico Caruso first started to study singing, his teacher said that he sounded like the wind whistling through the window. Today, Caruso is remembered as one of the world's greatest tenors. If you need inspiration to overcome your life's obstacles, look no further than Christ. Society called His birth illegitimate. He was born into a hated minority who experienced brutal oppression every day. The religious leaders branded Him a heretic. The state called Him an insurrectionist too dangerous to live. One of His closest friends betrayed Him to enrich himself. He was sentenced without a fair trial and died like a common criminal. And what was His response to His suffering, and ours? 'Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world' (Jn 16:33). We spend far too much time crying over spilt milk. Rather than giving attention to the most important assignment we have every morning - to submit to the Lordship of Christ and follow His example - we waste our time and energy on things that cannot be changed. You cannot change the death of a loved one. You cannot change the fact that one day your spouse cheated on you. The past is over. Look forward. Press on! God says, 'The plans I have for you ... are ... good' (Jer 29:11 NLT). That means the best is yet to be!
Sometimes God says tries to get your attention with His Word, and sometimes, we read what he is saying, but dont let it sink in and forget it shortly after. Then He says it again! I think He is Definately trying to get my attention!

This is one of those times:

Just a week ago , Jan 30th, God showed me the following passages:
Luke 12:22-34
Phillipians 3:13
and also reminded me what it says in Jerimiah 29:11-13

This is what I wrote in my Journal:

Do not worry.
Take no confidence in the flesh.
Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.
Take none of my past and put it in my future.
It is from now that matters.
Focus on Jesus.
"I walk by faith, each step I take, to live by faith, I put my trust in you.
... and if my God is for me then who can be against me."
God has my best interest at His Heart.
Plans for Good and not Harm.
Faith, Trust, Confidence in God
In all things Look to God.
His Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
I have to trust Him.
Look to Him at all times.
Keep my mind on Him.

I had asked God for wisdom concerning something that had happened earlier that evening, and asked Him to show me in His Word.... and the Above is What He Showed Me!

Indeed He answered me, and this morning He has reminded me of it, perfectly! with the Word for The Day.

Never mind what has happened in the past, it is over!!! Look Ahead! Do Not Worry about your future... For God Has Plans for Your Future, and they ARE GOOD!

Thankyou God!

6 Feb. 2008

posted with tears... link to a good read...


Just think...

Everyone speaks the language of tears....
Tears - a universal language.

5 Feb. 2008

Januarys ramblings in February Part 3

Permission granted.... A couple of pics of A Happy Couple and their Cute Kids

I had the wonderful privilege to attend a wedding on the 12 of January...

It was a lovely arvo at the local Aberfoyle Garden. Though I nearly didnt make it in time.... So grateful that the Bride and Groom were running late!

Actually I got a bit lost on the way there.... even though there was a map on the back of the invite! Ummm yeah well the garden was a square on the map, and had no line connecting it to a road :D Im sorry but I needed a line! I couldnt work out what road I was supposed to be on so I could find the driveway to the place... and maybe I knew I was cutting it fine time-wise and was a little frazzled! LOL Well I beleive that all maps are open to the interpretation of the reader and when drawing maps there must be allowances made for gooses like me who Like every thing LOGICAL ..... absolutely no harm intended to the the Bride and Groom.... More a totally take the mickey out of myself for my BLONDE moment.
But when I finally did work out where I was supposed to be. I was thoroughly surprised and relieved that I had gotten there before the soon to be happily married couple!
I chatted to the Pastor for a minute or two, then went a found my friends Heather and Don....

we waited.... then the cars rolled in.... and pulled up out of sight a bit.... and we waited..... we stood watching....

and then the long walk down the grassy aisle began...

First came the Groom' 3 lasses with the Bride's 2 lads.

I must say that they looked a treat and they mustve practiced heaps because they did it with out laughing, crying, running away or leaping for joy ;)

Top Job Kids!

Next came the Bride and Groom... breaking with aussie tradition, they went with a swedish tradition (the groom being originally from sweden). The Bride - Linda, and the Groom - Kent, walked together down the aisle to become married.

Then after very little pomp, but with much love, gentle emotion and softly spoken vows, they were wed. And there was not just the joining of two lives, but of seven. A Special Family was formed from two "broken" families. Joy came through :) LOVE came through and GOD was indeed there with them all, as He is now.

And well... here is the happy Mr and Mrs, striking a pose just for my little camera... dont ya just luv em!!!

Now the official honeymoon is over, the family has settled in together in a new home to fit them all, and Life begins anew for all of them.... now comes the "happily ever after" bit.



This photo is a bit of a ring in... ;) Mr Don doing the Abbey Road pose, after the ceremony... had to post it ... coz it is just him in a T, a character :D

Comfort Zone

Sometimes God calls us out of our comfort zone.

Define: comfort zone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comfort_zone

What is our comfort zone?

What is my comfort zone?

My comfort zone is my home – my castle, my cave where I can hide away from the world!
I am also in my comfort zone when I am with my Christian “church” family, even knowing that my children go to a “good Christian” school is also quite comforting....
My comfort zone is where all is familiar, non conflicting, non challenging, where I don’t feel anxious or “uncomfortable”
My Comfort zone is where my faith isn’t challenged...
So when God calls you out of your comfort zone, you know it won’t be all beer and skittles. You know that you have to stand up and be counted for God.... not cower away or pretend not to hear His commands to you.
I think God is preparing my heart at the moment.... to leave my comfort zone.... I don’t know what He is calling me to do, but I know I need to be ready.

Preparing, isn’t that like putting on the Armour of God???

Like Putting on the Helmet of our Salvation, the Belt of Truth, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Shield of Faith, the Sword of the Spirit – which is the Word of God, and lastly having your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace, while always praying in the spirit!

The Message Bible puts it like this:
Ephesians 6:10-18 MSG And that about wraps it up. God is strong, and he wants you strong. (11) So take everything the Master has set out for you, well-made weapons of the best materials. And put them to use so you will be able to stand up to everything the Devil throws your way. (12) This is no afternoon athletic contest that we'll walk away from and forget about in a couple of hours. This is for keeps, a life-or-death fight to the finish against the Devil and all his angels. (13) Be prepared. You're up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the help you can get, every weapon God has issued, so that when it's all over but the shouting you'll still be on your feet. (14) Truth, righteousness, (15) peace, (16) faith, (17) and salvation are more than words. Learn how to apply them. You'll need them throughout your life. God's Word is an indispensable weapon. (18) In the same way, prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Keep your eyes open. Keep each other's spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out.

4 Feb. 2008

New and Old wine, Jesus and the Wonder of His Grace!

Sundays sermon:
Luke 5:27-39

Thought provoking, challenging and interesting.

Levi (Mattew) the Tax collector is called by Jesus to follow...

Levi, throws a party and feasts with fellow tax collectors, sinners and Jesus, to celebrate his joy.

Jesus challenged as to why they are feasting instead of fasting like John's desciples.

Jesus speaks of new wine and old wine skins and vice versa.

My mind and spirit has been chewing on it all, like an old cow :)

I found these Henry Study Notes on the passages above, and wanted to share them with you.

Happy reading :)

Luk 5:27-39 -
All this, except the last verse, we had before in Matthew and Mark; it is not the story of any miracle in nature wrought by our Lord Jesus, but it is an account of some of the wonders of his grace, which, to those who understand things aright, are no less cogent proofs of Christ's being sent of God than the other.

I. It was a wonder of his grace that he would call a publican, from the receipt of custom, to be his disciple and follower, Luk_5:27. It was wonderful condescension that he should admit poor fishermen to that honour, men of the lowest rank; but much more wonderful that he should admit publicans, men of the worst reputation, men of ill fame. In this Christ humbled himself, and appeared in the likeness of sinful flesh. By this he exposed himself, and got the invidious character of a friend of publicans and sinners.

II. It was a wonder of his grace that the call was made effectual, became immediately so, Luk_5:28. This publican, though those of that employment commonly had little inclination to religion, for his religion's sake left a good place in the custom-house (which, probably, was his livelihood, and where he stood fair for better preferment), and rose up, and followed Christ. There is no heart too hard for the Spirit and grace of Christ to work upon, nor any difficulties in the way of a sinner's conversion insuperable to his power.

III. It was a wonder of his grace that he would not only admit a converted publican into his family, but would keep company with unconverted publicans, that he might have an opportunity of doing their souls good; he justified himself in it, as agreeing with the great design of his coming into the world. Here is a wonder of grace indeed, that Christ undertakes to be the Physician of souls distempered by sin, and ready to die of the distemper (he is a Healer by office, Luk_5:31) - that he has a particular regard to the sick, to sinners as his patients, convinced awakened sinners, that see their need of the Physician - that he came to call sinners, the worst of sinners, to repentance, and to assure them of pardon, upon repentance, Luk_5:32. These are glad tidings of great joy indeed.

IV. It was a wonder of his grace that he did so patiently bear the contradiction of sinners against himself and his disciples, Luk_5:30. He did not express his resentment of the cavils of the scribes and Pharisees, as he justly might have done, but answered them with reason and meekness; and, instead of taking that occasion to show his displeasure against the Pharisees, as afterwards he did, or of recriminating upon them, he took that occasion to show his compassion to poor publicans, another sort of sinners, and to encourage them.

V. It was a wonder of his grace that, in the discipline under which he trained up his disciples, he considered their frame, and proportioned their services to their strength and standing, and to the circumstances they were in. It was objected, as a blemish upon his conduct, that he did not make his disciples to fast so often as those of the Pharisees and John Baptist did, Luk_5:33. He insisted most upon that which is the soul of fasting, the mortification of sin, the crucifying of the flesh, and the living of a life of self-denial, which is as much better than fasting and corporal penances as mercy is better than sacrifice.
VI. It was a wonder of his grace that Christ reserved the trials of his disciples for their latter times, when by his grace they were in some good measure better prepared and fitted for them than they were at first. Now they were as the children of the bride-chamber, when the bridegroom is with them, when they have plenty and joy, and every day is a festival. Christ was welcomed wherever he came, and they for his sake, and as yet they met with little or no opposition; but this will not last always. The days will come when the bridegroom shall be taken away from them, Luk_5:35. When Christ shall leave them with their hearts full of sorrow, their hands full of work, and the world full of enmity and rage against them, then shall they fast, shall not be so well fed as they are now. We both hunger and thirst and are naked, 1Co_4:11. Then they shall keep many more religious fasts than they do now, for Providence will call them to it; they will then serve the Lord with fastings, Act_13:2.

VII. It was a wonder of his grace that he proportioned their exercises to their strength. He would not put new cloth upon an old garment (Luk_5:36), nor new wine into old bottles (Luk_5:37, Luk_5:38); he would not, as soon as ever he had called them out of the world, put them upon the strictnesses and austerities of discipleship, lest they should be tempted to fly off. When God brought Israel out of Egypt, he would not bring them by the way of the Philistines, lest they should repent, when they saw war, and return to Egypt, Exo_13:17. So Christ would train up his followers gradually to the discipline of his family; for no man, having drank old wine, will of a sudden, straightway, desire new, or relish it, but will say, The old is better, because he has been used to it, Luk_5:39. The disciples will be tempted to think their old way of living better, till they are by degrees trained up to this way whereunto they are called. Or, turn it the other way: "Let them be accustomed awhile to religious exercises, and then they will abound in them as much as you do: but we must not be too hasty with them." Calvin takes it as an admonition to the Pharisees not to boast of their fasting, and the noise and show they made with it, nor to despise his disciples because they did not in like manner signalize themselves; for the profession the Pharisees made was indeed pompous and gay, like new wine that is brisk and sparkling, whereas all wise men say, The old is better; for, though it does not give its colour so well in the cup, yet it is more warming in the stomach and more wholesome. Christ's disciples, though they had not so much of the form of godliness, had more of the power of it.

Hmmmm ....interesting :)

What of the rift widening between us pious christians and the sinful world???

At what point do you expect the unsaved to walk into our churchs and go YAY this is a Hip place, and recon they will feel exceedingly comfy with our pomp, tradition and old ways???

We can no longer expect them to come to us...
We are the ones that need to meet with them where they are... Just like Jesus did.

Think about it... Did Jesus call his disciples from the synagogues?
No, He called them from the world. It is the sick who need the doctor not the well.

Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm

Im going to mull it over a bit more :)


Januarys ramblings in February Part 2

Friday 11th Jan....
Mad dash from Beachport after morning's swimming lesson. God home, chucked dirty clothes in machine. Proceeded to clean my car!!!!! SHOCK HORROR!!!!!
Yes the car got cleaned... I enslisted Rob as my T.A and got him to work with the Vacuum cleanner, while I sorted out the accumulated piles of unnecessaries.... My mum was coming and I had decided to forget the house, and clean the car.... I think my priorities must have been a bit skewed, but then again, the car was half full of sand from the beach.
Boys went to their dad's for tea, I dropped them off at 4.
I proceeded to twiddle my thumbs in semi-nervousness, awaiting 6 o'clock.... when I needed to proceed to the local piddley airport and await my Mum.
Mum was at that particular time between homes, having just completely packed up camp in Darwin, and flown down this way on a slight detour on her way to Robo, NSW - to be with her Beau.
I got to the airport and waited, like you do, and eventually the plane arrived.
Out stepped mum, and I was soon able to give her a hug. I hadnt seen her for nearly a year.
We got her stuff and headed back into town to get some tea.
Mum wanted some Thai cooking, so we headed for the local thai restaurant.
We ordered some "spicy" food, and headed home.
We then discovered that the chilli dipping sauce that came with a dish was indeed SPICY!
That was then end of the meal for mum, she had been suffering from sinus trouble, but the chilli cured her for quite a while :)
Lovely meal anyway, Great Laksa!
Anyway, the Kids returned, and proceeded to entertain Mum (Nan Wen) for a while.
Lads in bed, mum and I weren't far behind. Mum had the nice spare bed in Rob's room. Rob was stoked!
The next morning Mum had decided to go shopping for the lad's belated chrissy prezzies.
I tagged along. It is a long drawn out affair when it comes to getting boys to choose one toy from a huge selection.... not the way I shop! Too FRUSTRATING!!!
Anyway, I was heading to a wedding that arvo, and mum decided that she wanted to get me a dress for it, instead of me wearing what I had. It was to be my christmas and b'day prezzie. It was nice :)
We eventually dragged the kids out of the shop, and we got mum to pick a charm out for her "pandora" charm bracelet. It was her birthday the following week, and I never knew what to get her!
Anyways, we were about to head home, and my dad rang me on my mobile, wondering where we were. I said we were heading for Hungry Jacks for lunch. He said he'd meet us there.
Now here is a little aside....
My parents have been separated, since I was 4, and divorced not long after that. But amazingly they get on not to bad these days! Cool
They have both repartnered a few times. Dad has new girlfriend, and Mum has just moved interstate to be with her Boyfriend.... Sounds funny when you talk about your parents' boyfriends and girlfriends!
Anyway, I digress...
We had lunch at Jacks, then Dad headed off to do jobs, while we went home.
Then I had to get ready to go to the wedding.
Dad rocked up just as I was about to head.
Dad and Mum were both babysitting my children at the same time, all together!
It was cool and funny as well.

So I went off to the wedding... post a pickie later (if i have permission)

When I returned home, Dad was still there, and all of them were still alive (no-one had throttled anyone!)
Dad and Mum were out the back pergola drinking red wine... so I joined them.
The evening turned into one of great fun for the kids (coz they got to stay up till 10:30) and a time of reminiscing for Mum and Dad.
For me it was something really extra special.
Getting to have the time when i am grown to spend with both my parents at the same time, un-interrupted, with none of their "partners" around, was REALLY SPECIAL . Im choking back tears even now as I remember.
And the other special part of it was that they got to do the Granparents thing with my kids, together.
I know that the afternoon and evening will never be repeated again. So it is a treasure that I will keep in my heart.
Here are a few pics of that time...

Mum went back to Adelaide, and on to Robo.

Dad returned to Beachport, and we followed not long after to do more swimming lessons.

Weekend was over, but the memories remain.

3 Feb. 2008

School is SERIOUS!!!


Give a kid a camera for a couple of minutes on the way to school and all fun breaks out.

Friday 1st - photo diary of drive to school...

kindy boy... going "Yeah I get all the toys to myself!" ;)

School boy number 2... Ahhahhh "Mum free time!"

Back seaters - Im glad theyre too young to drive!!!

The arms of a responsible driver...

The face of responsible driver who dares to take eyes off road...

School boy number 1..... The photographer caught on camera!!!

2 Feb. 2008

Januarys ramblings in February Part 1

Yeah I know I promised I would post some more about the holidays, and well the holidays are over, so if I dont follow up now then I will just plain forget and it wont happen.

So, let me think, what shall I start with???

Well you know we did the swim thing, and we saw lots of dead things at the beach, but I didnt tell you about the "hen's afternoon tea", the visit from my mum, the wedding, and both my parents in the same house looking after my kids at the same time!!!

The 6th of Jan was a spicy hot day in lil ole Mt G, and the afternoon was full of sweat, sweets, lemon iced water, and the odd cup of mahalia coffee amoungst the noisome banter of women celebrating a cool Chickie's pending marriage the following weekend.

The cool Chickie in question was given an audience of lovely ladies from all ages and wisdoms. Giggles and cackles were aplenty. The three sentences kept amazingly brief by all who told them. The three sentences were for each lady to descibe themselves, without divulging their marriage status nor their paid employment. Was interesting and enlightening for all :D

Then wisdom was shared about marriage and families, by a few. Some words were more witty than wise. Lots of smiles and guffaws were had.

Then came out a special box laden with gifts fit for a bride to be....

Of course the box contained -

something old
something new
something borrowed
something blue

and hence she was dressed....
twas a lovely afternoon had by all.

A word of thanks to the sponsors... :)

The owner of the venue who kindly donated the use of his commercial kitchen fascilities to the brood of hens for the arvo. In lieu of payment the proprietor was treated to, as I understand, a roast dinner painstakingly cooked by a certain Mr L with the subtle supervision of Mrs L.

To the young lass who graciously gave up her "practice" birthday cake to the bride to be, as a "slip sliding" gourmet delight creamed cake addition to the afternoons fare.

To the Wonderful Hostess who donated the "something borrowed" for the occassion.

and of cours a big round of appause for the Lovely Bride-to-be for rising to the occassion and humouring us by actually wearing most of the contents of the box for nearly all the afternoon!!

The holiday tale is to be continued.....

31 Jan. 2008

Aussie Day is a Good day....

Well Im a bit late posting this one...

Australia Day Jan 26th 2008

is also my boy Sean's Day.

Here is a pic of my Gorgeous young man the day before

playing in the sandpit I had just built for the lads.

He is a sweetie, and stretched like a little bean pole, he is oviously goinng thru a growth spurt.

The boys r back at school. Rob in yr 3 and Sean in yr 1. both came home from school cheerful today, so it must be going well :D

Playgroup starts again next week, and I hope I am organised.... but know I'll forget something! :)

Could write a tonne of stuff but I wont.... sleepy tired me going to bed soon


24 Jan. 2008

slugs n snails and puppy dogs tails


Would you believe? that when I had finished posting my last blog, I walked out into the lounge where the boys are watching "ABC Kids" and looked at my boys sitting quietly.
My eyes were drawn to Robbie's head, where there was a strange shiny trail on his forehead and in his hair.... and a snail sitting on top!!!!

Now my boys the last two days have made friends with a number of snails, of which I would prefer in the bin. They have tried sneaking them in little houses into their bedrooms, and not succeeded.

The sight of Rob with the snail trail was a surprise and I did the typical mum thing and cried out -
"Robbie! Get that snail out side and Wash your head and hair!!"

now that I write, the budding photgrapher in me says, I really should've taken a photo first :)

Boys will be boys :)

But dont you love 'em!!

Life in my home and on my street

the drops of rain fall scattering the dust from my eyes
the cool wind has turned to cold
goosebumps are on my arm
and I run to get a jumper on....

:) that was just a little bit of literary junk for you :)

Home is a great place to be, my home is my castle, and sometimes it is my cave.
No where else do I find a pillow moulded to my head, a quilt accusomed to holding my warmth, a mattress with all the lumps and bumps in just the right places.
No where else do I know exactly where the bathroom is, or what buttons on my microwave and washing machine I must push to make them work.
No where else can I sincerly say is my home.
Even on holidays at a famliy members house, I long to be here in my castle.
No where else can I forget where I put the screwdriver or the scissors, and find comfort in knowing that they will turn up eventually right where I put them... in a "safe" place.
No where else can I leave my bed unmade or my desk scattered, and not feel guilty for making a mess. :)
No where else can I pick up my bible whenever I want or turn the radio on without looking over my shoulder or feeling I am being rude.

This is my home, my castle. My little corner of the earth that God has provided me, blessed me, and given me joy. A simple affair in amoungst the lesser burbs, surrounded by those who are in need of knowing God in His fullness. God has placed me here to be a light shining for him. Lord let my light shine!

My neighbours are an interesting lot.

The south side houses a couple of very worn and toughened blokes with three large dogs for kids. Teeth missing, tattooed and happy to have a home after living in a tent with their dogs for so many years.
House proud these men are with a growing number of pot plants on their porch, and a hope for a vegie patch maybe next year.
They drink too much and smoke too much dope. But they are men with hearts. Compassion you can see within.
They have shown friendship and care for us, caring for my tomato plants and more while I was away on holiday. One of them even hosed my driveway down, swept my pergola and weeded one of my garden beds. A blessing they are. Often they borrow my vaccuum cleaner, or sometimes ask for a bar of soap or some panadol.
They are indeed lovers of dogs, and love my little fellow "Buddy" whom I have yet to blog about. I know they have on occassion when they have seen me a way for a few hours in the day, checked on Buddy in the back yard for me, checked his water and given him a pat or a cuddle.

JD and Gator are what they like to be called.

It is funny sometimes how our past can come back around to meet us.
When they first moved to our district lived in a tent out in the pines, they met up with a bloke I knew from my rebellious binge drinking and motorbikes days.
Dinga is the man's name. A wheelchair bound man who lost the use of his legs when he run with the "Mongrels" (a bikie gang that was around about 30 years ago). He had a bike accident. He drives around in a specifically modified old HQ or HX Holden (cant remember which). He loves gardening, and has previously run his own nursery and mini market garden. He makes his own tomato & chilli sauce, "dinga's sauce" which is famous in some circles. The biggest bushy beard and straggly long hair, HUGE beer gut and pierced nipples!
JD rode off his car while DUI-ing before they moved next door. Now Dinga (JD mistakingly calls him Dingo) drives JD and Gator around a bit. Gator helps Dinga in his garden. Dinga is their wheels and Gator and JD are Dinga's legs.
But anyway, I dont know why Im telling you all this, but I spose I find it interesting, intriguing how God has placed me where I am. Im sure He has His plans, even if is is simply that I have friendly neighbours, and they have a neighbour who loves God, but still accepts them as they are. ??? May God bless them with eyes that can see, ears that can hear and hearts that can be open to Him.

Isnt it funny how you can sit down to write something and something completely different comes out!!

LOVE 2 U All and God's Blessing of Peace, Grace and Mercy, Strength and Endurance be with you all.